My Favourite Family #myfamilylens


A fundamental part of one’s wellbeing is their sense of belonging. The moment I arrived, I knew I was going to be a part of a special family. They were my favourite family to capture during the #myfamilylens challenge organized by Kidspot Voices 2014.

They welcomed me with open arms. My mum, Rebecca, also known as The Plumbette, introduced me to my dad. We had a mutual affection for one another and I knew where I belonged and what my role would be in this family. It was an important role: to capture memories of a busy and growing family.

When I first met my mum she was glowing and overflowing. She was anticipating the arrival of another member to her family. I love this candid shot of her against the pantry door while she was cleaning up the kitchen. My inbuilt art filters were used to make the expectant mum look her best when she felt like she was looking her worst. This is where I’m different to all other cameras. I can give more or less light and produce a beautiful memory. Yes, this memory is grainy, but in it’s rawness, it is still a poignant memory.


Before the arrival of baby Phoebe, I got to interact with siblings, Esther and Magdalene. There was no need for filters when shooting these beauties. Their smile and contagious laugh was a joy to capture. It was fun to capture their not so happy interactive moments too.

Girls laughing


Sometimes my dad and I would have to go on an adventure to find where the girls would go hiding. One afternoon we found them hidden from view in the garden. Naturally my dad started to point me in their direction.  Being light and portable, my dad could tread carefully through the garden forest so we would not be seen or heard. The moment the girls realized they had been found I was able to capture this shot.

Hiding in the garden

On the morning of Phoebe’s arrival, I had the privilege of being invited behind the scenes during the birth. I’m happy to be passed around as long as the person holding me knows how to press my buttons. I was passed to a midwife who complimented me on how easy I was to use and how cute I looked. I may have blushed.

I could tell the midwife knew what she was doing as she snapped away. I could feel she had done this many times before. But not on a camera like myself. She was impressed on how well I could capture a shot. My mum gave her my number, OM-D E-M10.


After the birth, I stayed at the hospital. I shared in the most intimate of moments between mother and daughter. I was even there when the older sisters and extended family came to visit. I was made welcome and put to use at every moment. I was living my dream.

mum and daughter



PHoebe Bath

Back at home, I got to shoot another member of the family, Bentley.  Bentley is very protective of his family. He was protective of getting his photo taken too, but I was able to sneak this shot in a rare moment where he stood still long enough for me to zoom into his face.


Flowers started to arrive at the doorstep to congratulate on the arrival of Phoebe. I got to capture their beauty before they wilted and had to be put to rest.



My mum indulged on chocolate in the liquid and solid form. She wasn’t the only one interested in eating a sweet treat.


Magdalene chocolate

I feel like I fit in nicely with this family. I made the most of my time with them and impressed my mum and dad with my artistic capablilities. There really isn’t a camera like me elsewhere on the market. See the evidence of my ability for yourself in the following images.

Daddy and Mummy



My favourite memory of all is this one, with all members of the family in the one photo. I don’t have long enough legs or arms to ensure everyone is captured in a photo. But I can talk to my colleague, the iPhone, who can happily assist by being pressed as a remote to ensure a family portait can be taken with ease through the Olympus Share Application. Of course while I can guarantee cooperation of myself and the iPhone, the kids are another story.


I have been able to witness celebrations and milestones, laughter and joy between sisters who are best friends.

I’m grateful for the time I have spent with my family and my time with them is coming to an end.

I will miss them dearly. It would be a delight to be gifted back to this family who has shown me utmost care and kindness. I hope I am returned back to them soon.

This is the last post of 3 blogposts as part of the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Olympus Blog Challenge. I have been loaned an Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera as part of the #myfamilylens challenge to take photos and write three blogposts choosing 3 of 10 prompts supplied. Thank you to Kidspot and Olympus for giving me the opportunity to use the camera for a couple of months and to be in the running for some great prizes. The camera has been put to use at a very special time in our family’s life.