Nothing lasts forever – Dishwasher Dramas!


We haven’t used our dishwasher since it was ‘looked’ at by a service technician at least a couple of months ago. I was told sheepishly that the dishwasher had just got stuck in its cycle and needed to be restarted. I felt like a blonde plumber!!

The dishwasher never washed the same after I was told this and EVERY cycle I put the dishwasher on, it would get stuck at the same stage. I started to feel better knowing it wasn’t ‘me’

I had a call from Fallon Services who were the technicians I originally rang to get my dishwasher looked at. I explained I wasn’t happy to pay for a service when nothing had been done to my dishwasher. As a plumber, If I haven’t physically done anything for a client, I don’t charge them. AND if it’s a problem that requires a process of elimination in fixing , I don’t charge until the problem is solved and fixed.

To improve their score rating, Fallon Services asked if they could send another technician out free of charge to re-look at the dishwasher. I agreed and so the new technician came out late Friday afternoon.

After much testing, he advised that the electrical board would need to be replaced and that I was looking at paying at least $300 for the part plus another call out fee and labour. I laughed at the cost.

The dishwasher is only 5 years old and has only been used for 2 years. It is a Blanco and every Blanco appliance in our house has started to die within the last couple of years. First it was the light on the exhaust, then the microwave and now the dishwasher.

I know that I can get a new stainless steel dishwasher for less than $600. It’s not worth paying for the parts and labour to fix the dishwasher when I have been advised that it could happen again in another couple of years.

It’s sad that appliances don’t last longer and that it’s cheaper to buy new than to fix the old. Thankfully I will save the cost of a plumber installing the new dishwasher because I can do this myself. I’m just wondering whether I could wrangle my husband for compensation by getting a new dress?!