One of those days


Today was one of those days. A day where I had things that needed to be done but my plans were interrupted by a toddler who wanted her mummy to do craft and a baby that wanted to feed because she was teething.


The house was a mess. Our wooden floor was littered with balls of dog hair and dust. I was super keen to try out our new Miele vacuum cleaner that my husband and I bought last weekend because I was OVER the lack of suction from our old Electrolux.


Usually, when I want to do housework, I settle Esther on the couch to watch TV and set Magdalene up in her swing. But Magdalene didn’t want a bar of her swing or play mat or Bumbo so I vacuumed with her attached to me in the Baby Bjorn. She loved it, although it nearly killed my back!


The rest of the cleaning had to be put on hold so that I could focus on resettling my kids. I was over it. You see, I’m the type of person that if I can’t get work or something done in my own timeframe or the way that I want it to be done, I get frustrated. Of course, I’ve had to change since having children and be content to fit housework and blogging during nap times or when I can. But when I have worked out a proven routine that doesn’t go to plan, I get slightly exasperated. I know that I’m not the only one and that mum’s deal with this all the time.


When my husband came home from work, I told him we were having take-away and I would pick it up because I needed a break. What a nice greeting to come home to!


As I drove past the back of our house on the main road, reflecting on the day and what I could change so I could be more ‘efficient’, I drove past a really bad car accident.


Suddenly my thoughts turned to those involved in the accident and I prayed for those that were hurt. It was a pretty nasty accident with all three emergency response teams at the scene and one person was being loaded into the ambulance.


I realized that I had focused again on myself rather than the needs of others in my family. Babies and children can be so demanding, but they only remain like this for so long.  They are demanding because they know no different and to be honest, they need to take first priority before housework or any other work for that matter.


The only way I could get myself out of my flat mood was to pray and thank God for my family and how sorry I was for taking them for granted once again.


When I returned home from picking up dinner it was back to the routine of dinner, bath and bed time.


What a day. What a moment. You know what I’ll be doing tomorrow…


‘Enjoy the little things in life, for some day you will realize they were the big things.’ Unknown