Meet Our Labradoodle Puppy: Maisie

Black labradoodle puppy on white and black rug

Meet our Labradoodle Puppy Maisie. She’s brought so much joy and mischief to our household. She’s already a much-loved pet to our family!

It’s been 6 years since we have had a dog in our household.

We were all devastated when our first dog Bentley had to be put down. He was a loyal pup who was our ‘first baby’.

He was there through all my pregnancies and morning sickness. He was also very protective of each baby we brought home. The girls have recollections of “BeBe” stealing their food.

I will never forget the day Bentley flipped a freshly baked banana cake off the kitchen bench and licked the cake tin clean.

Bentley’s portrait hangs in our living room, a visual reminder of a much-loved companion to our family.

We hadn’t actively looked for an additional pet after Bentley as our household was crazy with 3 young kids. I already had enough noise and mess to sort out and I wasn’t keen to add a puppy to the mix. Plus, there was the financial cost of owning a dog.

But now the girls are older and Jacob works permanently from home, we actively started looking. We didn’t need to look too far because through a friend of a friend, we were able to meet Maisie.

Maise on the green lawn

The girls didn’t know we were getting a puppy until we brought Maisie home.

Family holding Labradoodle puppy

She’s a Labradoodle and the cutest little pup.

Even though we had wanted to get a male dog, Maisie chose us when Jacob and I went to look at the litter. And we couldn’t not choose Maisie due to her even balance of placid yet playful nature. Maisie has slotted into family life quite easily. It’s like she was meant to be.

Maisie having cuddles

I can’t wait to see what adventures will unfold with Maisie. 
Puppy in a beanbag

As you can see, she’s settled in well. The bean bag has been a favourite spot to snuggle into for day naps.

But I will need to remove the cushions and throws and get into the habit of putting away shoes and bags as they will be fair game for Maisie.