Poo in the bath

Vanity Storage Space is a must as well as neutral colouring.

If you’re a parent, you will know all too well about poo in the bath. A mixture of warm water and relaxation can be all that is needed for babies and toddlers to release unwanted elements in the bath. I’ve never seen Esther jump out of a bath so quick when she notices a brown floaty in the water. Produced kindly by her sister.

We seem to have had more of our share of this type of incident, in fact it happened again last night.

Poo in the bath
Often many parents will empty the bath and hope that the poo will drain down with the water, but this is a bad move. The reason for this is because most bath wastes are connected to the floor waste and if the poo settles in the floor waste without adequate water behind to flush it out, it will create an open sewer in the bathroom. Sounds gross hey?

So the best way to get rid of poo out of the bath is to scoop it up. Sometimes the water turns the poo into a sloppy putty, so use a small ice cream container or plastic cup to scoop up the nuggets and flush them down the toilet. Release the water out of the bath after the retrieval and give the bath and the toys a good scrub with disinfectant.

If the poo has completely disintegrated in the bath, you may have no choice but to let the poo drain out with the bath water, but make sure you have a shower or run a small amount of water down the bath to flush any poo water from the floor waste.

I’ve talked about smelly drains before and what can be done to fix them. The last thing you want is to add poo to an already smelly drain.

Have you ever had to scoop poo out of the bath? Any funny stories to share?

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