Six Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Kids When in The Pool

kids in the pool

Heading to the pool with three kids in tow is no relaxing feat. Gone are the days of taking a book to the pool and lazing back on the lounge for some uninterrupted reading time.

It’s a lot different these days.

In fact, at times it’s anything but relaxing as you watch each child like a hawk to make sure they aren’t drowning and can be seen AT ALL TIMES.

When we went away for our week’s holiday, we had three pools to choose from which had segregated areas for the little kids to swim in. Of course our three girls didn’t want to swim in the one area, so Jacob and I would be in separate pools, supervising the swimming activities.

pool with kids

We had a few cooler days where it was warmer in the pool than out, and of course our kids would require assistance which meant either Jacob or I would have to get out of the water. We’d almost do scissors, paper, rock with our eyes, as we’d challenge each other on who would be the one to get out of the water and attend to the child who obviously didn’t care about the temperature.

It was during one of these intense moments, Jacob suggested I write a post, ‘things you don’t want to hear from your kid when you’re in the pool’. And so, here is that post, because I’m sure there are many families around Australia on holidays, where parents are hearing the same comments from their own kids while in the pool.

sisters in the pool

Six Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Kids When in the Pool

1. I just did a wee. Hmm is that why the water was warm a couple of seconds ago? Everyone does it. Apparently. It’s like peeing in the shower. Thank goodness for chlorine.

2. Can you take me to the toilet? Yes I can my darling, because I much prefer you to wee in the toilet than in the pool I’m swimming in.

3. Mum I need to poo. RIGHT NOW. Mummy jumps out a second time to wipe child’s bottom, trying not to think about whether the wet floor in the public bathroom is pee or pool water. Or most likely both.

4. I think I’m going to throw up. Ugh. Another visit to the toilet.

5. I’m hungry. Out of the pool again to give snacks to the youngest toddler.

pool toddler food

6. Mum, I just made my own spa! Seems farting can take one’s pool experience to the next level.

Without fail, we would have all six of these requests in one pool outing.

How do you find taking your kids to the pool? Do they say similar comments?

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