The Start of Christmas Craziness

Christmas Craziness

The Christmas craziness has certainly not waned in our household. It’s prevented me from my regular blog posting over the last month or so. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though with nothing really booked from mid-December on. That may change though.

It’s official that Maggie has 3 days left of Kindy and Esther has two weeks left of school. The end of term is coming near, and I think all of us are looking forward to some sleep ins and relaxing from all the end of year events that have made November a very busy month.

Maggie and Phoebe riding a Reindeer

I think I’ve worked out why this time of year has been very busy for us. It’s because we have three kids going to three different places (school, kindy and daycare) and this year I volunteered my time to help out at church and Kindy, which has resulted in more end of year events to attend to.

There are still more events to come, and I’m bracing for high emotions next week when we have Christmas concerts and graduations. I get a little emotional on the last day of Kindy. I need to remind myself to pack some tissues. Can’t believe my Maggie heads to school next year.

The Plumbette's Christmas Tree

We’ve had our tree up for a week and a bit now. One rainy weekend, the kids were going crazy inside, so Jacob got them to work by putting the tree up and decorating it. It’s the first time we haven’t had to put the pet enclosure around it because the girls are old enough not to touch the decorations, and we have no Bentley to take the baubles off the tree like apples. It’s a happy sad moment. We still miss our Bentley. But his portrait is still watching over our tree.

On Saturday, Jacob and I were all hands on deck to assist with Maggie’s Kindy’s Garden Party – which is a major fundraiser and a great way to celebrate the Kindy year. The girls had a ball and I had a hand in doing face painting. There were a few sad looking Spidermans because of my doing. I’m sure with more practice, I will get better.

face painting maggie
Not me, but my friend Petrea, painting Maggie’s face


Phoebe with her face painted

One funny thing that happened at the garden party, was Phoebe being ushered onto the deck to perform with the rest of the Kindy kids. I don’t know if the teacher realised it was Phoebe and not Maggie being ushered on the stage. Maggie was sitting on the other side. Maggie and Phoebe are looking so alike these days. I’ve even had strangers ask if they are twins. Phoebe took it in her stride and was all for performing though – even though she had no clue what she was singing. Some of us mums who realised Phoebe wasn’t meant to be on stage, couldn’t stop giggling.

Maggie and Phoebe at Kindy Garden Party

As a result of all our events, we’ve had colds and sinus issues. Thank goodness for essential oils to help blocked noses and sinus headaches. On that note, look out for a post this week as I have another diffuser giveaway in time for Christmas.

I can’t believe we’re a few days away from the 1st of December. Holidays are literally around the corner. It’s also a time where our bodies seem to be susceptible to catching sicknesses. So many people are coming down with colds and gastro because of end of year exhaustion. It’s easy to catch with many people out and about too at Christmas. I’m definitely being more proactive in eating more veggies and salads to prevent getting sick again. I’m also hoping to avoid the shops during Christmas, by having all my Christmas shopping done before 1st December! Still have a few things yet to purchase.

Christmas display with girlsThe craziest part of getting to this time of year, is realising how fast your children have grown throughout the year. I look at my girls and think how crazy it was only a few years ago when we had babies and toddlers. I’m glad to be in the season we are in.

How has November been for you? How do you cope with the Christmas Craziness in your household? Are you amazed at how much your children have grown this year?