The Mother of all Jugglers


Every week I seem to be juggling motherhood and work and this week was no exception.

On Wednesday I planned to take my daughter to a kids program when my dad rang promptly at 8am about a hot water unit that needed to be replaced. It would require two people to maneuver it into position due to its tight location under a house.

My mum wasn’t available to look after my daughter, so I had no option but to take my daughter with me.

The client was a repeat customer. I always tell my customer’s that I don’t want to see them for a while because I know that when they call, something has gone wrong!

Our client was LOVELY. I took a picnic rug, a toy and some morning tea snacks so that my daughter could entertain herself (I wish!!) while I helped my dad. The client sat with my daughter and played with her before she had to rush to school to pick up her own son who had become ill.

When the client left, my daughter kept saying to me ‘Mummy sit’. So I sat and then I would be up again to get more fittings and cut some pipe to give to dad while he finished installing the hot water unit.

Now that my daughter is nearly 2, bringing her to work can be chaotic. I only take her to homes that I know the client would be ok having a two year old around. I would NEVER take my daughter to construction site or commercial business due to OHS (Occupational Health and Safety). I think we all know after watching Packed to the Rafters that a construction site is no place for a toddler to run around in!  When my daughter was a bub, I could strap her into the Baby Bjorn and work away. But now, she runs around and doesn’t like sharing her mummy! I’m so thankful for clients that like to interact with my daughter when the need arises and I am unable to get a babysitter at the last minute!

This job reminded me of the times my dad took me and my brother to work when we were on school holidays. These are wonderful childhood memories for me. My brother and I would take turns on who would be taken to work for the day. Our ‘payment’ was originally a McDonalds Happy Meal for lunch and as we got older the payment terms changed from McDonalds to books, clothes or toys. (It was never extravagant – the costs would generally be under $20)

What a lovely memory for my daughter to remember coming with her mummy and grandpa to work or as my daughter described it ‘watch pa playing’. And yes, the legacy lives on, the payment for my daughter’s good behavior at work was a McDonalds Happy Meal. Thank goodness I don’t take her to work very often!!