Three in School

three in school

Time can often feel like it stands still when you have a baby, a toddler and a kid not yet old enough for Kindergarten.

School would be a daydream on days when all hell would break a loose at home.

A poonami, followed by a toynado followed by picasso damage to my walls and floors – all before 9am.

School was so far away. Sometimes, it couldn’t come soon enough on the days I felt defeated with three kids under four.

And then the drop offs started.

One in kindy, the younger two at home.

kindy drop off
Esther in Kindy – I had my hands full

One in school, still two at home.

esther's first day at school
Esther’s first day at school

One in school, one in kindy and one in daycare – three drop offs and sometimes four if the husband’s bus decided to skip his stop.

Mags at kindy
Maggie’s year at Kindy

Two in school and one in daycare.

phoebe at daycare
Phoebe at Daycare

Two in school and one in kindy.

Maggie's first day at school

First day of 2019 at kindy
First day of 2019 at Kindy

To finally all three in school – one drop off! We made it!

three in school
All three in school

Until it all changes when my eldest goes to high school and I will become an Uber once again.

I’m grateful for all those drop offs and pickups though. It’s part of raising a growing family. Those seasons were necessary to get to this point right now.

Phoebe has been ready for school for a year or more. I don’t know how many times I’ve lost her in the school grounds while she’s gone to find a sister, say hi to a teacher or play on a playground. She walks the school paths as if she owns them.

And so it was no surprise to see her ready with her school uniform and new shoes laid out on the bed the night before.

phoebe ready for Prep

A quick kiss and cuddle at the classroom door and she knew what she had to do. She’d seen her sisters do it before her. No tears, just smiles and a wave. She was happy for me to leave.

bec with phoebe

The one drop off is a season I can get used to. It was easy in and a breeze to get out.

But come Thursday, it will be strange not having a little hand hold mine as I walk out the school grounds.

Today I had Jacob with me as we took the girls together. Tomorrow I’m in the city for a career day. Thursday will feel different as will every school day from now on. I walk in with three kids to drop them off, and then I walk out alone.

I’m sad about the seasons we won’t ever experience again… but I’m happy to get to this new term of independence and learning. After every end, there’s always a new beginning. I’m just wary these new beginnings may go quicker than the years before.

How was the first day of school for your kids? Remember what it felt like to have three in school/or all your kids in school?