Tips for Spring Cleaning a Home


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September is literally around the corner which means it’s the perfect time to spring clean the house.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy de-cluttering and cleaning out our house. The problem with having little kids though, is the amount of toys and stuff that needs to be stored somewhere in the home. I’ve written before how Elbowroom is great for storing plumbing fittings and materials, but they can also offer shelving solutions for the home that can be custom built for your personal items.

For me, the key to spring cleaning is ensuring you have ample storage space so that items have their place in the home. Once the storage shelves are in place, it’s time to knuckle down and de-clutter. This is the process of how I go about cleaning our home and maintaining its tidy appearance.

Tips for Spring Cleaning a Home

  1. I go through each room in the house and make a pile of items that haven’t been used within 12 months. At the moment, my daughter’s rooms and their toy room hasn’t required items to be removed because they pretty much play with everything. But often there are items in the kitchen, garage, bathrooms, dining and living areas that can be placed in the unwanted or unused pile.
  2. I go through the pile and make separate boxes of items that can be donated to charity, chucked in the bin, or sold online or at a garage sale. My nesting instinct kicked in quite early when I was pregnant recently with Phoebe. I feel like I’ve been spring cleaning since January this year. I ended up creating a pile of unwanted items in the garage that could be sold at a garage sale. They sat there for months. Eventually my husband donated all the items because who has a garage sale when they have a newborn baby? Very ambitious thinking on my part.
  3. Don’t buy more stuff to re-clutter your home. One thing I do to ensure we don’t succumb to gaining more clutter, is I sell or donate something once I buy something new.
  4. Place items in their stored place once they’ve been finished being used. If only my daughters understood this concept. My house would be so much cleaner if they did.
  5. Don’t leave it to spring to de-clutter the home. I do a Summer clean, Autumn clean and Winter clean so that my Spring clean isn’t a daunting task.

The key motivator for me when I go about a spring clean is how uncluttered my house feels after a big cull. The worst part is if I’ve chucked away something that I didn’t mean to. My parents once de-cluttered their storeroom and my dad dumped $300 worth of brand new Tupperware that my mum had just bought, but hadn’t unpacked from the boxes. Dad just thought they were empty boxes and took them to the dump. I still shudder when I think about all that beautiful Tupperware being trampled and squashed at the dump.

What are your tips for spring cleaning and de-cluttering your home? Ever accidentally thrown something of value away?

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