6 Tips for Spring Cleaning a Home


Looking for motivation to declutter your home? These 6 tips for spring cleaning your home might help.

Spring has always been the best time to deep clean the home, which often includes a cull of material possessions.

But when you’re forced to isolate at home (as many of us have experienced), the decluttering process may have been done already, or has it?

Whenever I read a spring cleaning post, I get motivated to declutter and deep clean every area of my home.

While it’s an ongoing process in our household, Spring always brings out the culling vibes for a cleaner and more tidier house.

Here are 6 tips for spring cleaning a home and how to make it less overwhelming.

6 tips for spring cleaning a home

Choose one area at a time

If October is the month to spring clean, start with one area at a time. It may be you do a whole room in a week and each day is allocated a drawer or a specific cleaning job.

Use storage containers to hold unwanted possessions

When decluttering a wardrobe or bedroom, I will use 2 storage containers and 1 rubbish bag.

One container is allocated for pieces I will sell on Facebook Marketplace.

The next storage container is for donated items.

A rubbish bag is used for items that need to be put in the bin.

This system works well for me as the items that may not sell on Facebook, will end up in the donation box and this needs to be emptied before I can start on another room. It’s also a good way to prevent a box of unwanted items sitting in your car boot 6 months later.

Clean as you go

As each area is decluttered I clean the space by dusting surfaces, wiping down to remove any grime and even giving drawers or wardrobes a good vacuum. This helps when putting pieces back in their right spot.

Be mindful of spending habits

I find this tip the toughest because I will generally buy what I need when I need it. An accumulation of stuff does mean I have to do a regular cull though. Be mindful of simple habits that may bring in more stuff into the home.  This year I have been mindful of clothing purchases and we’re moving towards experience gifts for the kids at Christmas, rather than toys.

Make “spring cleaning” a regular habit

Making a habit to spring clean the home every quarter can ensure it’s not such a big effort towards the end of the year. Online challenges by The Organised Housewife can build new habits keeping areas around the home clean and organised.

Rethink storage

A big part of keeping a home tidy is ensuring there is adequate storage.

Storage shelves in the garage can help keep that space tidy.  It’s usually the dumping ground for outdoor equipment and seasonal items.

Look at ways to double storage in cupboards by installing shelves. Mini caddies or attachable shelving and hooks can make it easy to store your belongings so they are easier to see and retrieve.

These tips for spring cleaning your home have been updated from when the post was originally published in August 2014.