Two at School

two at school the plumbette

Since the 1st of January, my girls have been so eager to get to school. Their impatience led to tears when they learned how many weeks and days they would have to wait until they could go to school. Despite having a great break over the holidays, my girls enjoy routine. They’re eager to learn and see their friends, so today couldn’t come quick enough.

For myself… I’ve been excited for today, not because I’d have two at school, but simply to live through their excitement about a new stage in their life. It’s such a cliché to say how fast time goes when you have little kids, but it honestly becomes more noticeable when you’re walking your second born to their first day of school.

This past week has been a lot of fun labelling uniforms, buying more uniforms (for Esther who had a growth spurt just before Christmas), new shoes, setting up Esther’s laptop and getting new lunchboxes, while discussing what foods they would like packed for morning tea and lunch.

Maggie embraces new experiences, so I knew she would have no issues with anxiety about starting school. Having had an older sister at school, she’s been able to make friends with the younger siblings from the school drop offs and pick-ups. She’s also got most of her Kindy friends in her class too.

Her eagerness for school showed last night when I went into her room and saw she’d laid her uniform out.

uniform ready for school

And then this morning, this was what Jacob and I woke to.

two at school first day at school 2018

We got the obligatory photos of the first day back.

Maggie first day at school


Esther and Maggie first day at school 2018

group hug

Jacob and I decided to separately go with each girl  to ensure they got to their designated classroom. I went with Esther and Jacob went with Maggie. In the mad rush of the crowd of parents and students navigating their way to their classrooms, we lost Phoebe, who I had assumed was with Jacob.

After Esther was settled in her class, I walked up to Maggie’s classroom and Phoebe was sitting on the outdoor chairs outside Esther’s old classroom with a frown on her face. Poor pet. All was forgiven once we let her play on the playground, which Maggie was keen to play on at morning tea. This wasn’t the first time I lost Phoebe at school. Last year I was in tears walking up every aisle between the classrooms trying to find her. One of the teaching staff had to find ME, because Phoebe went to the office and the Admin staff kept her there till we could be reunited.

By the time Phoebe goes to school she will know where to go and what to do. In a way she already knows the ropes. But it’s still a few years away till she starts school.

Now that Maggie is at school, it will be just be Phoebe and I, which I’m super excited about because I want to do one fun thing a week together. I sometimes regret not doing more with Esther when she was my only child. But in saying that, she was only two when her sister came and when you have three under four, with two still in nappies, it can be hard to get out anyway because you’re outnumbered. I’m looking forward to the one on one time with Phoebe.  And I think she is too.

all three girls

Having another child in school also means there will be more mums to make friends with. And I embrace this eagerly because knowing other mums and being part of a community is what makes the school year even more successful and fun for everyone.

This afternoon, when I picked Maggie from her class, she was beaming with a smile. She had a great day and couldn’t wait to tell me how she had a new folder and what happened during the day. Esther found me and told me she had a great day too. No more drop off zone or pick up zones for me this year, as I have go to Maggie’s class to drop her off and pick her up.

I’m hoping this enthusiasm for school will last all year round.

I wasn’t emotional, until I put these photos up and realized how much my Maggie has grown. You can read my posts about Esther starting school and when Esther started grade 1 and Maggie started Kindy, to compare the growth.

Did your kids start school today? How did they go? Do you have a Preppie starting school this year?