Upcycle a Terracotta Pot into a Gingerbread House

terracotta pot gingerbread house

Looking for a fun and easy Christmas craft the whole family can do? Why not upcycle a terracotta pot into a Gingerbread House?

I have made gingerbread houses in the past and they have turned into a disaster.

Either the gingerbread walls crumble in half, the roof caves in or I have white icing everywhere! You could describe my attempts to make a gingerbread house are as good as a cake smash.

But… this little project is one I thoroughly enjoyed!

terracotta pot into a gingerbread house

We had spare terracotta pots sitting empty in the garage. I think we got them from Bunnings when the girls were little as they took part in a scheduled craft project.

I removed all the stickers using a chisel so I was left with a smooth surface to paint on.

To turn it into a family activity, make sure everyone has their own terracotta pot to paint. Kmart has mini terracotta pots which would look super cute!


  • Paint
  • Variety of paint brushes
  • Terracotta pot
  • Glitter (optional – I used glitter paint instead)

materials for painting a gingerbread house

Instructions to make a terracotta pot gingerbread house

You’ll be turning your terracotta pot upside down to create the gingerbread house. Paint the top and create downward strokes for snow.

painting a terracotta pot with snow

Paint the bottom perimeter of the gingerbread house and paint a door.

paint a gingerbread house terracotta pot

Use your coloured paints to add the lollies and decorations.

For little hands, it may be hard for them to paint swirled candy. Instead, get them to do dots and you can add white aspects later.

Once the snow trickles are dry add glitter or paint with glitter paint for a festive touch.

terracotta pot gingerbread house

There’s no baking, or sticking walls and roof panes together with this project. I found it quite therapeutic creating mine. I will be setting this activity up for my girls over the Christmas school holidays as a fun craft activity while I’m working.

terracotta pot gingerbread house

Happy Painting!

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