Welcome to the third trimester


I woke up at 4am on Sunday morning. Actually, I’ve been waking up at that time most mornings this week because I generally toss and turn during the night as I can never find a comfortable position to sleep in.  Welcome to the third trimester! The weight of my belly is making it difficult for me to sleep on my side and I constantly find myself lying on my back (thankfully with my wedge pillow under my right hip).

I’ve found that I’m becoming slower at getting ready in the mornings. After my initial 4am wake up, I will go and put the heater on and then let our dog out for a whizz. Sometimes I crawl back into bed, hoping my body will succumb to my exhaustion. I eventually fall asleep because I wake at around 7.20am.  Jacob lets me sleep in because he knows that I need my sleep and he’s noticed my acrobatics in bed during the night.

I’ve been feeling guilty about not getting up early and putting pressure on myself to get certain things done before the baby arrives (like have a couple of weeks of blog posts up my sleeve) but I haven’t done any of it and I don’t have the motivation.

Where does this guilt come from? Who cares that I’ve been having later mornings?

I weighed myself two weeks ago and gasped that I had hit triple figures. I remember hitting triple figures on my birthday when I was pregnant with Esther and still had 4 weeks to my delivery date.  I weighed myself this morning and the scales said I was 224kg. I think my scales are way out.

I’ve been relishing the time at home with my girls. I haven’t missed work. I’ve missed the money, but not the work. And while our money has been as tight as a fish’s butthole, we have managed to get by.

I can’t believe that in ten weeks we are going to have another baby. My belly is well defined now and apparently, so has my butt. Yesterday I had to go and buy the next size in maternity jeans because my current ones are getting quite snug and there is nothing worse than sitting down and feeling restricted under the belly and in the nether regions.

I have constant heart burn and I’m sure I could create fireworks the way my thighs rub together when I walk.

But I am content and I know that my size and weight is not only for a good purpose, but it’s also for a season. I know it will take me at least 18 months to lose my baby weight and I’m not worried about numbers or sizes. I just want to feel healthy. And lose my butt shelf.

So no plumbing post from me today. Just a post from a pregnant woman who is excited about nearing the end of her pregnancy and the challenges that come in the final weeks before delivery.

How did you find the third trimester? Guys, how did you cope when your partner neared the end of her pregnancy?

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