25 Housewarming Gifts People Will Love

25 Housewarming Gifts People Will Love

A housewarming gift is a lovely way to greet new neighbours or celebrate when a friend moves into a new home. The first home purchase is certainly a reason to celebrate and a housewarming gift is the perfect way to end the moving experience for those involved.

The last year has seen a change in neighbours with new house purchases or moving for lifestyle after COVID19 made us reevaluate where we wanted to live during potential future lockdowns.

A few years ago, our school community of mums recently said farewell to a much loved friend who relocated to the north side of Brisbane. We purchased a new house plant, a picture frame to place a photo of us from one of our get-togethers. We also headed out to dinner for one last hurrah at our local favourite Vietnamese restaurant.

25 housewarming gift ideas

Whether the move is big or small, a housewarming gift can be a welcome end to the whole packing and moving process which can be exhausting.

If you’re invited to a housewarming party or even a visit to check out the new property, here are some housewarming gift ideas to consider from budget to luxe. They are gifts that will be well appreciated and won’t add to the clutter of items yet to find a place in a new home.

25 housewarming gift ideas people will love

25 Housewarming Gifts People Will LOVE

1. Diffuser and essential oils. My picks would be lemon, lavender and purify.
2. Welcome Mat
3. Pot Plant
4. Hand towel
5. Bath mat
6. Cooking Oils
7. Serving Tray
8. Voucher to Kmart/IKEA for homewares and storage items
9. Scented Candle
10. Tea Towels
11. Hand Wash and Hand Cream
12. Box of tea
13. Photo frame or wall print
14. Door Stop
15. Throw rug
16. Dinner voucher or a homemade dinner
17. Mask air fresheners and toilet sprays – or make your own linen spray
18. Interior decorating book
19. Basket
20. Bathroom Accessories
21. Hamper (with food or home items)
22. Wall Clock
23. Fridge magnets
24. Menu Planner or Shopping List Planner
25. All the takeaway menus in your area, tied with a ribbon. While some might order takeaway online, be a good friend and recommend the best takeaway haunts in your area.

Anything house or organisation related, I head to The Organised Housewife Shop for more inspiration.

I’ve put together a little collage of items I’ve found online that would make a lovely housewarming gift idea.

housewarming gift ideas people will love

  1. Ellia by Homedics Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser $93
  2. Potted Faux String of Pearls Hanging Plant $21.95 (on sale)
  3. Banksia Tea Towel Hamper $35
  4. Moroccan Pink Teal Tufted Throw $99
  5. Miimi Jiinda Jagun Miirlarl Mug Pack $29.99
  6. Personalised Welcome Mat $149
  7. Reusable Kitchen Wipes $10.30
  8. Bath Mat $14.95 (on sale)

Have you ever received a housewarming gift? Which of these 25 housewarming gifts would you have liked to have received?

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