8 Ways to Display and Store Essential Oils at Home

8 Ways to Display and Store Essential Oils at Home

We have been using dōTERRA essential oils for over a year now and we can’t get enough of them. Of course, since our new found love with the oils, we’ve been researching ways to display and store essential oils at home.

The reality is, we have oils in our bedroom, in the kitchen and in my office. The bulk of our oils are kept in the office, in the top drawer of the filing cabinet.

essential oil display and storage
Top of our filing cabinet

We keep them away from the kids as Phoebe has been known to unscrew the cap of an oil and anoint herself with it’s contents. The evidence is from the waft that drifts when she walks by or from the cries of rubbing it in her eyes. We learned quick smart not to leave oils on our bedside tables or my office desk where little hands could reach them.

I was blown away by my mum’s set up of oils. She has one dedicated drawer in her kitchen and all her oils are in alphabetical order, segregated using an organiser she bought on eBay.

kitchen drawer storage for essential oils

I love Beth’s storage display of her craft supplies, which would work superbly for essential oils.

essential oil storage and display
Image via Unskinny Boppy

You can display and store essential oils at home in a variety of different ways. I thought I’d share some ways and offer some suggestions if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Before you go down the track of buying storage holders, think about where you use the oils most often and whether you want them displayed or kept out of reach of children. This will determine the right storage and display solution for you.

8 Ways to Display and Store Essential Oils at Home

1. Use a Spice Rack.

I love what Flo and Grace have done with an old spice rack. They’ve upcycled it and given it a new lease of life.

Essential oil storage spice rack
Image via Flo and Grace

Spice racks like these are hard to find. I suggest looking on eBay or Gumtree to find one that can be upcycled. Alternatively you could install a white shelf to get the same result.

white storage shelf for essential oils
White Storage Shelf $101.10 (on sale)


2. Use a wooden carry case.

This carry case can hold all your essential oils, which can be carted from room to room. The case itself is gorgeous and would look lovely displayed on a shelf or counter.

Thermoart Case for essential oils
Thermoart Case $129.00

3. On counter storage display tray

Love the look of this timber display. This would work well on a bathroom vanity counter or in the kitchen where certain oils are used for personal use and/or cooking.

essential oil display and storage ideas at home
Essential Oil Tray by Thermoart $80.00

4. Use a tray with handle

This luxe tray is a great way to display your essential oils, while the handle allows for easy transportation.

essential oil luxe tray storage and display
Luxe Storage Tray $59.95

5. Makeup case

Makeup cases offer the perfect size compartments for essential oil storage.

essential oil makeup case for storage
Crocodile Makeup Case $49.95

6. Ice cube trays

Ice cube trays can offer the right sized hole for an essential oil bottle to sit in, so your essential oils can be organized in a drawer. Just check the diameter of the holes to ensure the bottles will sit flush. I bought some from Kmart and it could only sit the 5ml bottles.

ice cube trays for essential oils storage
Urban Kitchen Easy Pop Ice Cube Trays $20 for set of 3

If you prefer not to use plastic, this storage tray can work well in a drawer.

essential oil tray
Thermoart Essential Oil Tray $49.95

7. Jewellery storage bags

Have a hook on the back of a door and use this jewellery bag to display your essential oils. This helps you to see at a glance the oils you have.

essential oil storage bag
Jewellery storage bag $20.90

8. Tea storage box

A tea tray box offers segregate storage for your oils. This can then be displayed on a bench or put away in a drawer.

tea storage box for essential oils
Maxwell and Williams Tea Storage Box $24.95

We are currently using one of the boxes we received a large shipment of oils in and we have our bottles sitting in alphabetical order.

essential oil storage

Places like Etsy and eBay have great display and storage solutions for essential oils. It’s just a matter of working out what will fit or work with the space you have.

How do you display and store your essential oils?

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