Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies 2017

Christmas gift ideas 2017

It was quite the conundrum to figure out what to buy Miss Phoebe for her first Christmas.

Being the third girl in our family, we had all of the things already to keep her entertained and occupied. We couldn’t give her nothing… or could we?

We did get her something. But I still can’t remember what we got her, and that was only two and a half years ago! Which proves that Christmas baby gifts don’t have to be amazing. Often practical is the best approach.

Depending on the age of the baby, they may not be able to play with their gift, but they will during the following year as they grow, so toys are still a great option for this age group.

Christmas gift ideas for babies

If you’re looking for some Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies, here are some of my picks.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

Christmas gift ideas for babies

1. Organic Cotton Baby Gift Set (includes bib, dummy clip and teether) $36.95

2. Hape Rainy Day Bath Toy $28.95

3. Personalised Flamingo or Unicorn Money Box $25.20

4. Divided Melamine Tray $13.56 (on sale)

5. Baby Swing Seat with Rope Extensions $26

6. Crawling Critter Teething Caterpillar $39.95

7. That’s not my unicorn… by Fiona Watt $14.99

8. Custom Crochet Family of Dolls $15 each doll

9. Sensory Board $68

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Do you have any babies to buy for this Christmas?

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