Christmas Gift Ideas for Primary School Aged Kids

Christmas gift ideas 2017

If you have to buy gifts for kids that are in primary school, I’ve compiled some Christmas Gift ideas for Primary School Kids.

Primary school aged kids are my second favourite group to buy for. Generally, they know exactly what they want for Christmas and can tell you what it is they want.

But just because they want it, doesn’t mean they will play with it. Take for example the $100 unicorn I bought for Esther 2 years ago. It sits pretty, displayed in her room. It’s supposed to act like a live Unicorn, yet Esther hardly plays with it.  I’m hoping if we keep it till she’s an adult, it will sell for a couple of grand. I wish I kept all my toys from my childhood. My mortgage would have been paid off by now.

Anyway, I digress! If you have to buy for kids that are in early to middle primary school, I’ve brainstormed some ideas that can work for this age group.

Christmas gift ideas for primary School aged kids

Christmas Gift ideas for Primary School Aged Kids

• purse/wallet as usually this is the age when they start to earn pocket money
• A bag to carry their own stuff (think satchel, cross over bag or backpack)
• Craft or building toys like Lego, as this engages their brain and keeps them occupied.
• Books – stories about farts and poo are popular with this age.
• Pencils and felt pens
• Slime or putty
• Accessories like earrings, necklaces and bracelets
• Musical instrument
• Clock for their room

I’ve put together this guide, with some online ideas to help you. My eldest would be happy with any of these gifts and she’s 7. I may have a few already for her Santa Stocking.

1. Smiggle Silicone Rainbow Clock $34.95

smiggle rainbow clock

2. Smiggle Says DIY Backpack $44.95

smiggle colouring in bag

3. Mosaic Flowers Craft Set $16.95

Mosaic flowers craft set

4. No One Likes a Fart Book by Zoe Foster Blake $14.99

no one likes a fart

5. Auditorium Acoustic Guitar $64.95

acoustic guitar

6. Crazy Aaron’s Scaredy Cat Glowing Thinking Putty $23.99

crazy putty

7. Personalised Colouring Pencils $32.00

personalised colouring pencils

8. Hape Quadrilla Space City Marble Run $199 (on sale)

marble run christmas gift ideas for primary school aged kids

9. Sequin Cushion $12.00

mermaid sequin cushion



Next week I will tackle the difficult to buy for – Tweens and Teens.

What have you got for your kids this Christmas? What Christmas Gift Ideas have worked from primary school kids in the past?

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