Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Pre-School Kids

Christmas gift ideas 2017

If there was a group of people that were easy to buy gifts for, I reckon it would have to be toddlers and the pre-school aged kids. The toys and educational activities are in abundance of supply.

I find toddler aged kids the most fun to buy for. It’s when kids really discover their love for play and can be introduced to an array of toys like Duplo, water painting and puzzles.

When I reflect on the gifts that received the most attention from my girls – and even now at the ages of 3 and 4, the Duplo and Tea Party sets have been the best buys. Also any wooden food toys that can be used in imaginative play. Think wooden ice creams and wooden food of any kind that is a lot more durable than plastic.  With that in mind, I’ve compiled Christmas gift ideas for toddlers and pre-school kids – based on what has been a big hit in our household.

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A mix of practical and fun gifts are a great idea for this age group. For practical gifts think a library bag or an umbrella and raincoat – items mums don’t realise their cherub needs  until their first expedition to the library or it rains and they have nothing to go out in the rain! For fun gifts, think blocks or toys that have an educational element to them rather than play noise just for the fun of it. There are some handmade gifts in this collection which will support local businesses as well – the wooden blocks (1)  and an original, personalised unicorn watercolour art (5). My favourite picks would be the iconic Ice Cream set and Biscuit set, based on Iconic Aussie Treats.

Christmas gift ideas for toddlers and pre-school kids

1. Beeimpish 40 Handmade Wooden Blocks with Designer Bag $54

2. Tiger Tribe Rainbow Tea Set $39.95

3. Melissa and Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock  $25.99

4. Penny Scallan Library Bag (comes in other colours and patterns) $29.95

5. Timber and Told Customised Unicorn Watercolour $45

6. Melissa and Doug On the Go Safari Water Painting Book $9.99

7. Make Me Iconic Wooden Ice Creams Play Set $42.95

8. Lego Duplo Pizzeria $32.49

9. Kids Emoji Umbrella $14.00

10. Make Me Iconic Wooden Biscuits Set $34.95

What gifts have your toddler’s received in the past that were well played with?

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