Fun and Practical Christmas Gift Ideas

Getting Organised For Christmas - Fun and Practical Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s around this time of year where I do a compilation of practical Christmas gift ideas to help ease the burden with present shopping.

I don’t know about you, but I find it can be hard to buy gifts for those in my family who have everything already. I wrote a list last year on gift ideas for those who don’t want anything for Christmas.

I tackle my own Christmas shopping with buying something fun and something practical. The challenge is keeping within budget.

Any type of sales can certainly help, and I have no doubt if you missed the Black Friday sales, there will be more sales leading up to Christmas.

With that said, here are some ideas to consider for your family and friends if you need some inspiration.


No matter what anyone says, I think vouchers are ideal for anyone who is difficult to buy for. It saves time finding the perfect gift and prevents false emotion from the recipient if the present is off the mark.

If you have the Suncorp App with Suncorp Benefits or RACQ membership, you can get discounted vouchers. They can be physical gift cards or digital vouchers which you can print and place in a Christmas card. No one needs to know you didn’t pay the full amount loaded onto the card.

Another voucher idea I’ve seen in my Facebook feed is personalising a Bunnings Gift card with a family photo. It costs $1 to upload the photo and a couple of dollars extra for postage.

Board Games

Some of my favourite get-togethers with friends have involved a board game. There are some very clever adult only games which will have you laugh and also question how people see you. Stores like Kmart, Target and Big W are great to peruse, but Sanity also offers a great range of board games. You can personalise the gift by choosing a board game themed around a favourite TV show or movie.

board games practical christmas gift ideas
1. Sunnylife 10 in 1 Board Game Set, 2. Joking Hazard $35.99, 3. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit $69.99, 4. The Voting Game $34.99, 5. Banana Grams $24.99


Puzzles are a great way to get the family together. There are some stunning puzzle images which can be framed as a work of art. Here are some to consider:

Floral puzzle design
It’s Good To Be Home 1000 Piece Puzzle $58
Frozen II Panorama Puzzle
Clementoni Disney Puzzle Frozen Panorama 1000 Pieces $29.99
Flora 1000 Piece Puzzle Practical Christmas Gifts
BabyMac Shop Flora 1000 Piece Puzzle $58

Eco Friendly Gifts

More and more of us are becoming aware of how our habits and behaviours affect the environment. Purchasing an eco friendly gift can help the recipient make wise choices too. Napkin sets, straw sets and reusable smoothie cups are great gifts that can be used everyday. It will save one less item going to landfill.

eco friendly practical christmas gift ideas
1. Montiico Mini Set of Straws $14.95, 2. Collapsible Travel Chopsticks in case $19.99, 3. Gorman Garden Bed Napkin Set $31.20, 4. Stainless Steel Straw Set $12.99, 5. Reuseable Brown Paper Bag Lunch Bag $26.99, 6. Montiico Grey Smoothie Cup $22.95

Practical Gifts

I love a practical gift if it’s going to help me in some way. A lunchbag, bottle bag or a tray organiser are budget friendly gifts for those of us who like something practical. A picnic rug can encourage getting outdoors more.

practical christmas gift ideas
1. Home Republic Blush Bottle Bag $9.74, 2. Gorman Picnic Rug $79.20, 3. Home Republic Lunch Bag $14.99 , 4. Bronte Tray Organiser $54

DIY Gifts

A homemade gift is always well appreciated. It can also come under budget too. I will be giving away a few DIY gifts this year. I’ve made tassel earrings and Christmas decorations for teachers this year.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas
1. Tassel Earrings, 2. Linen and Air Freshener Spray, 3. Pom Pom Baskets, 4. Pom Pom Baubles, 5. Painted Wooden Spoons

What practical Christmas gift ideas have you given that have been a hit?

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