How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys (AKA JUNK) And Restore Your Sanity

How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys

If you are drowning in little toys and are sick of seeing them manifest in all areas of your house, I have a storage solution for you. I’m going to share with you how to store Shopkins and itty bitty toys (also known as junk) so you can feel somewhat organised and not lose your mind.

My girls love to play with toys that are miniature in size. Anything from Shopkins to Lego to those little figurines you get in Kinder Surprises. Even clips, rings, dominoes, charms and Barbie accessories. My girls will have them in every nook and cranny of the house. To me, they’re junk, but to them, they’re treasures.

My Maggie is a little bower bird. She will collect her sisters’ Shopkins and stuff them in every handbag she owns.

To be honest, I have been sick of these little toys, finding their way into every toy box that has been allocated to different toys. No sooner have I sorted out the boxes, they are full again with bits of… dare I say it plastic crap.

I even bought the Shopkins organizer carrier to store the little figures. But Phoebe would take out every Shopkins and the shelves as well and all would be scattered everywhere.

I was tempted to throw the whole lot in the bin.

And then I thought, what would a plumber do in this situation?

Plumbers always have little fittings and nuts, bolts, screws and washers. We would use sectioned plastic organiser cases to organise and store all our bits and pieces. I needed to use the same solution with my girls’ itty bitty toys.

So I researched online and Bunnings had just what I was after. In fact, it couldn’t even be more perfect if I tried.

Bunnings Tactix storage cases

It was a set of three organiser storage containers that were housed into one carrier AKA Tactix 3 Piece Storage Box Organiser. It meant each girl would have their own storage organiser case to store their Shopkins and itty bitty toys. This is how I organised their toys.

how to store shopkins and itty bitty toys storage idea

How to store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys

1. I emptied every toy container/basket/box in the playroom and girls’ rooms and put all the toys in their right spot. I then put all the Shopkins and itty bitty toys into a spare nappy box to sort out later.

shopkins and itty bitty toy storage idea

2. I  tipped this box onto the kitchen bench and sorted the itty bitty toys into piles. One pile for rings, another for Shopkins, another for random figurines, another for My Little Ponies, Lego, erasers etc. I got rid of anything that was broken or I couldn’t decipher what the heck it was for.

How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys


How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys

3. I got Maggie and Phoebe to help me organise their storage cases. Esther was at school, so I did her box.

How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys


How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys


How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys


How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys

4. I have explained to my girls that this is the last resort – if I find any Shopkins or small toys that belong in their organiser storage case, I will put them on the kitchen bench. If it’s not claimed – aka put away in their storage case, it will be donated to the bin.

How to Store Shopkins and Itty Bitty Toys

So far, the novelty of having an organised storage case hasn’t worn off. The toys are slightly mixed in each section, but they have stayed in those storage cases which makes me a much happier, saner mum.

The Tactix Tool Box is only $38.98. I think it would be great for small Lego pieces or storing Barbie accessories as well. We use another small suitcase to store all the small Lego. It fits sideways into our IKEA cube book shelf.

A tackle box can also work just as well. I love our sectioned storage cases a bit better because they offer the sections that not all tackle boxes offer.

Best of all, this can be carted anywhere, holding all three cases together. I wish I had thought of this solution earlier!

If you’re drowning in little itty bitty toys and Shopkins, see if this storage idea will work for you.

Tell me, is your house overrun by Shopkins or Itty Bitty toys? How do you store them? Why are kids so drawn to them?!