An Unexpected Blessing

school mum friends

I never expected my friendship groups to change so much since having children. While motherhood can be isolating and sometimes lonely, I’ve found there are always opportunities to make new friends by interacting at mother’s groups, playgroups, church or various other social engagements where kids are involved.

I remember a year or so ago when a good friend told me to be prepared for a new group of friends when Esther started school. I remember telling her I had kind of experienced it already at Kindy. But she shook her head and said school was a whole different ball game. I didn’t understand her, until I reflected this week on how my friend was absolutely right.

I unexpectedly made awesome friends with the mums at Esther’s school. Ironically, none of these mums have kids in my daughter’s class. But because we walked home with some of the mums, and they were good friends with other mums in the area…we’ve made friendships that make the routine of school drop off and pick up something to look forward to. Even if I run late. Consistently everyday.

We have a long running group message on Facebook messenger where we talk about our youngest children doing our head in to organizing our next girl’s night out.

We share advice, help each other out and relate so well to those moments of motherhood where all you can really ask is WTF?!

school mum friends

I couldn’t have picked a better bunch of mums to watch the Bad Mom’s movie with.

A week ago, we headed to a party to help celebrate one of the siblings who turned 4. My girls didn’t really know them, but we had a ball – parents included.

My social calendar is looking good because of these fabulous mums. There are still many tentative social engagements we need to put a date on.

Last week, I had the privilege of helping two of the mums out by dropping their preppies home. Jacob always believed in getting a 7 seater car when we upgraded to our new car before having Phoebe. I remember saying to myself, I’m not going to be that mum running around after everyone’s kids. Because it does happen, right?

And yet when I offered to help out, I loved it. It’s in my nature to help. If I have the means to help, then why not? Isn’t that what life is about? Giving to others and helping each other out?

My girls loved having a full car and the most simplest act of having their friends in the car meant we created a new childhood memory.

kids in a car

Of course, there was slight protest over who would sit in the back with Esther and I had one five-year-old tell me he didn’t sit in dirty car seats. I told him it was the car seat or he could walk home. I promptly moved the offending Twistie which had ‘dirtied’ the seat and he was all smiles.

No matter how much our kids might drive us up the wall, we have good kids. And what a blessing to be raising them with families who are going through this crazy season at the same time.

As I drove the kids home, I felt happy and grateful for choosing to live where we do and having the school located within walking distance from us all. (Apart from one mum who lives in the next suburb… but we’re working on getting her to move)

Earlier this year, I made an intention and prayer to make good, solid friendships with other mums and I think that resolution has definitely unfolded. I just never expected it to be with such awesome women in my neighborhood.

Have you made good friendships with the mums at your kid’s school? How have you made new friends since becoming a parent?

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