Bathrooms with Black and White Patterned Floor Tiles

bathrooms with black and white patterned floor tiles

If you’re in the initial stages of planning a bathroom renovation or a new build, you will no doubt be looking at bathroom trends to assist with your fixture and tile choices. One of the trends that shows no sign of waning is the use of black and white patterned floor tiles.

bathrooms with black and white patterned floor tiles

It would have to be one of my favourite bathroom trends at the moment. I love patterns, and the bathrooms that I’ve seen doing this trend well, have paired their bathroom back with neutral walls and matte taps and white or black fixtures.


Black and white is a classic colour combination for the bathroom, so choosing patterned tiles in this colour palette can allow for the introduction of textures and one other colour to add more interest to the bathroom.


Another benefit of choosing a black and white patterned tile for the floor is the cost. As you’re only laying this type of tile on the floor and not all the walls, you can opt to choose more budget friendly neutral tiles or groutless panels for the walls, and still get a dramatic look for your bathroom.


I scoured Houzz for some of my favourite bathrooms with black and white patterned floor tiles. The bathrooms in these images have got the right balance. The only one that I find a little too busy, is the bathroom with the yellow ceiling. A large white tile on the walls would be been more suitable for this style of bathroom.


A patterned floor tile can add personality to a neutral bathroom. The hardest decision will be deciding on which pattern to use. I love them all, but if I was to choose my favourite, I’d choose the Moroccan style patterns. I think they can suit various interiors as well.

This bathroom trend may not tickle your fancy, but it certainly is a great way to add a unique focal point in the bathroom.

What do think of black and white patterned floor tiles in the bathroom? Is it a trend you like as well?