The Best Gimmicky Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Dad That Has Everything

best gimmicky father's day gifts

It’s Home Improvement Thursday and usually I’d have a blogpost about plumbing or improving your home or something home related.

But today I’m going to break the rules.

Instead, I’m going to write about the eighth best day of the year and that is Father’s Day.

Why is it the eighth?

Well we have Valentine’s Day/Jacob’s birthday, Maggie’s birthday, Easter, Mother’s Day, Phoebe’s birthday, my birthday, Esther’s birthday and then Father’s Day.

It may be a different ‘number’ day to you depending on what you choose to celebrate throughout the year.

Even though I’ve done Father’s Day craft with the kids and bought cards for all the dads and granddads, I’m still yet to buy a gift for the father of my children.

I find it hard each year and often stick to what I know will get used. A DVD, chocolates, some undies and socks. I usually ask Jacob to write a list so I can refer to it when I’m out and about. Except I constantly lose it.

Most dads will expect what mums get on their special day – a sleep in, a nice breakfast, time spent with the family finished with some loving between the sheets.

I’ve done a bit of research online and found some really cool gimmicky Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad that has everything. These tend to be the hardest dads to buy for, but the easiest to please. There are a few t-shirts in the mix because dads can always do with one new t-shirt to replace their favourite daggy one they refuse to throw away!

I know my husband would love some of these gifts and hopefully the father of your children might like one or two of these gift ideas too.

gimmicky father's day gift ideas

  1. Custom BBQ Branding Iron $24.99
  2. Big Kid Little Kid T-shirt Set $108.00
  3. Horseshoe Magnet in Orange $24.99
  4. Daddy’s Bits and Bobs and Odds and Ends Storage tin $52.00
  5. Happy Farter’s Day Personalised T-shirt $65.00
  6. Fun Guy Mug $33.00
  7. Peter Alexander Men’s Ruffle Tuxedo Tee $49.95*
  8. Gun Alarm Clock $49.99

What have you organized for Father’s Day this year? Got your gifts sorted?

*affiliate link disclaimer: I will receive a small commission if you purchase this item, but doesn’t cost any extra to you.

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