Best Indoor Plants That Thrive With Minimal Fuss

Best Indoor Plants That Thrive With Minimal Fuss

If you’re looking for the best indoor plants that thrive with minimal fuss, this post is for you.

I’ve introduced a number of plants to the interior of our home over the years. I’ve shared before which plants I haven’t killed, and the ones that haven’t survived.

The common factor for the plants which are still keeping on are their need for minimal fuss. Jacob, Esther or myself water when we remember.

And since I’ve done a bit of research for freelance work, I’ve been able to consolidate what I know, with what has worked in our house.

So if you want to add indoor plants to your house which can survive with a bit of neglect, these are the ones to consider.

Best Indoor Plants That Thrive With Minimal Fuss

best indoor plants

Fiddle Leaf Fig

We’ve successfully grown our Fiddle Leaf Figs just by placing them near a window – to get partial light and by installing a Moisture Matic and ensuring this is filled with water. The Moisture Matic gives water as needed to the Fiddle Leaf Fig, which takes the guess work out of how much or how little it needs to be watered. I guarantee the Moisture Matic will change your Fiddle Leaf Fig’s life – and yours because it will grow and become lush, just how you imagined it to be. We have two thriving Fiddle Leaf Figs because of this product. I swear by it.

Fiddle Leaf Fig with Moisture Matic
From this
Fiddle Leaf Fig Best Indoor Plant
To this…
current fiddle leaf fig
Our current corner Fiddle Leaf Fig

Peace Lily

Our Peace Lily just keeps on keeping on. We’ve moved it around the house as I’ve changed the décor around. When the leaves look droopy, we give it a drink. It now sits on one corner of our TV cabinet. It hasn’t flowered for a while… but it’s still alive and green, which to me is #winning.

peace lily

Monstera Deliciosa

Our Monstera Deliciosa, or as I call it my elephant ear plant, sits near a window next to our Peace Lily and has grown outward. It’s a great plant to fill a space. I find having it near indirect light and a water every now and then keeps it alive. Heck, it’s growing new leaves so I can confidently say it can thrive without too much love.

Devil’s Ivy

We have two of these in the house – one on a shelf for my corner desk space and another which sits on the kitchen island bench. It’s been growing well since being moved closer to the window. I only water this one when I remember. You can grow this plant in water also. I love how the leaves cascade for visual effect.

shelfie desk style

Devils Ivy

Zanzibar Gem

We have a Zanzibar Gem at our front door and another two of these plants in the living and dining room. I’d say these are the most hardiest plants and can thrive on the most neglect. We’ve just bought a black leaf Zanzibar Gem. Hoping this one thrives as much as the others. So far so good.

Zanzibar Gem

Black Zanzibar Gem

Aloe Vera

Our Aloe Vera plant was dead brown. I had it sitting outside under our alfresco area and thought it could never be brought back to life.

Aloe Vera Best Indoor Plant

However, bringing it inside and giving it a good water helped it thrive and I’m amazed at how well it’s done. It sits near our dining table, which gets the lowest amount of light in our house. Even Maggie comments on it’s resurrected life. ‘I thought that plant was dead, mum.’ Me too kiddo. But a change in scenery and a water was all it needed to become green again.

What are the best indoor plants you’ve found to survive in your house? For other indoor plant ideas that can survive low light, check out this post from Katrina Chambers.

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