How to Choose the Right Lighting For Your Bathroom

how to get the right lighting for your bathroom

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When renovating your bathroom, lighting is a very important aspect to a successful bathroom design. The right lighting can make or break the functionality of your bathroom, so it’s important to get it right. Your electrician needs to know the location of where you want your lights for the rough in to ensure you get the right light in the space. If the lighting is wrong in a bathroom, it can be difficult to rectify after installation. Here are some tips on how to choose the right lighting for your bathroom.

1. Consider natural light. A window or skylight can make such a difference to your bathroom during the day. When you consider that most people use the bathroom throughout the day, it’s a good idea to design the bathroom in such a way that it can receive the best natural light. This can also ensure the bathroom relies less on electricity, which is a bonus on the utility bills.

2. Add vanity lighting which is also known as Task Lighting. It’s important to have good lighting beside the vanity mirror where tasks are conducted, like make-up application and shaving. Avoid having down lights above the mirror as it creates a shadow and does little to help someone view their appearance. Sconce lights or lights around a mirror are the perfect solution for task lighting. It’s recommended that 75 to 100 watts’ worth of illumination should be installed for task lighting.

3. Accent lighting will shine on each fixture or alcove and give it the brightness needed so the fixture can be easily seen (and used) at night. A downlight over the bath and shower ensures enough light in each zone of the bathroom. Use LED’s for accent lighting.

4. Ambient light is a lovely consideration for bathrooms with a bath. One can relax with dimmed light, which can make for a rejuvenating atmosphere.

5. Pendant lights can make a visual statement in the bathroom. Consider choosing a material that won’t warp in the humidity and won’t be knocked when hands are raised in the air. Most people raise their arms to take their clothes off when heading to the shower. It’s important that the pendant light isn’t a hazard and doesn’t hang too low in the bathroom.

6. Consider the style of your bathroom. You want the lights to match the interior of your bathroom. A chandelier may not work for a contemporary bathroom, and a straw or wicker pendant won’t work for a heritage bathroom. Match your light fittings to the interior style of your bathroom to ensure a cohesive look.

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If you’re still not sure about the lighting needs in your bathroom, discuss this with your electrician or builder. Their experience and recommendation will ensure you get the best result.

What type of lighting do you have in your bathroom? Have you ever got the lighting wrong in your bathroom? Can you share any lighting regrets?

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