My Time at Cork and Chroma – A Paint and Sip Class in Brisbane

cork and chroma paint and sip class in brisbane

My Experience at a Paint and Sip Class in Brisbane

The first time I learned that art was in the eye of the beholder was when I was in year 8. I was in my least favourite class at school – art class.

I had handed in an assignment that I wasn’t particularly proud of but I knew it fit the brief.

I nearly fell backwards on my chair when I got my assignment back with an A+!

Umm… what?!

I remember telling my mum I had got an A+ in art because I handed in a bit of crap. That bit of crap was a collage. Anything remotely arty like drawing or painting, I wasn’t very good at.

So when one of my friends suggested going to a paint and sip class in Brisbane, I was kind of intrigued. Even if I couldn’t paint, I knew I wanted to hang out with my friends. Plus I could add it to my bucket list of new activities done for the year.

As soon as I walked into the studio, I felt a little overwhelmed. There were tables set up with easels, brushes and palettes. There was a David Bowie picture that looked so good and I thought, “I can’t paint that!”

Well I did.

plumbette at cork and chroma

The whole class did.

And it was fascinating to see the different colour choices and designs others in the room choose to paint their picture.

cork and chroma paint and sip class

The painting session was held at Cork & Chroma. It’s a studio in West End where a teacher offers basic techniques painting with acrylics on a canvas. The teacher gives step-by-step instructions and you are free to creatively do what you choose with your painting. It’s encouraged to bring your own drinks so you can ‘sip’ while you paint. The tutorial was easy even for a non-artist like me. And the music was loud and fun.

david bowie cork and chroma


david bowie cork and chroma


david bowie cork and chroma


paint and sip class in brisbane

I have to say I’m pretty happy with my masterpiece. Although I do need to practice my contouring. My Ziggy Stardust looks like he’s got a nasty neck rash. And one shoulder is longer than the other.

Bec with Bowie Cork and Chroma

Cork and Chroma offer all sorts of creative nights which book out fast. Our class was $55 and included all the materials. Most of the classes range in prices from $44 to $65.

The sip and paint sessions are a great way to hang out with friends, while doing something fun. They can also make for great private functions or celebrations.

Cork and Chroma have studios in Brisbane and Sydney. Check out the website to see which class you might like to go to.

I definitely would like to go again. The paint your mate Picasso style looks heaps of fun. Could make for a great date night for Valentine’s Day.

If you want to book in for a class, grab a group of friends to make a booking. You will walk away with an awesome piece of art and a fabulous night making memories with your friends.

Can you paint? Are you artistic? Ever heard of a paint and sip class? What do you think of my Bowie? Would you buy him?