DIY LEGO Coffee Table with Storage

DIY LEGO Coffee Table with Storage

This DIY LEGO Coffee Table with Storage was a project we put together on the Australia Day long weekend. The purpose was to save my sanity with LEGO being strewn all through my house. It was also to create a place for building and imaginative play with the made up sets we received for Christmas.

DIY LEGO Coffee Table with Storage

At the moment, we are updating the kid’s playroom. We’ve been painting, sorting, decluttering and selling stuff we no longer need in this space.

Kids playroom mess

I’m trying to update the room so it’s more in line with our girls’ ages and interests. Gone are the Little People Sets and Kindy paintings which I stuck to the wall. In are the Barbies and LEGO Friends and LEGO Disney sets. (a before and after post will be shared once it’s complete!)

Our girls are at an age where they love to play with LEGO and build new designs out of the pieces they own.

Unfortunately, a lot of the sets we’ve received over the years have got pieces missing (most probably sucked up the vacuum cleaner). It’s been a tedious job sorting what we have and what we need to put those sets back together.

I was determined for all LEGO sets received at Christmas to be made and kept intact. Our existing bookshelf was a great way to display the sets, but not so great for play. We needed a table to make it easier to play with and somewhere to store the spare pieces.

So I looked for ways to DIY a LEGO Coffee Table with storage.

Kmart has recently released a construction table with storage which I could have purchased, but when I looked at it, it was bulky and not as big as I needed. I also didn’t like how the base plates had to be moved, to get more pieces. That screams LEGO Pinata to me.

KMART construction table

I also wanted to utilize the storage containers bought from Spotlight on Boxing Day to keep coloured pieces sorted.

storage containers for LEGO
Craft Storage Container from Spotlight

IKEA had released a new white LACK coffee table with a shelf underneath. I knew it was going to work as soon as I saw it. It fit the storage containers and was big enough to have all the LEGO Friends Theme Park sets placed together for play.

Items Used for LEGO Coffee Table with Storage

Before we bought the IKEA Table, we measured an area on the floor and placed the LEGO sets within the confines of that area to ensure the coffee table would be big enough.

LEGO on colourful rug

When we were confident the coffee table would work, we bought it and set it up.

Make LACK White Ikea coffee table

For the top base, we wanted LEGO base plates, but I couldn’t seem to find the number I needed to fit the top of the coffee table. I ended up just buying Kmart branded base plates, which worked well and were one third of the price of the LEGO ones.

KMart lego base plates

sticky dots for LEGO table

measuring the base plats for the table

We used sticky dots to keep the bases in place. Jacob was very meticulous in measuring where to place the base plates. We knew there would be an equal strip of white each side of the coffee table.

DIY LEGO Coffee Table with Storage

Once it was complete, the sets were placed on the coffee table and the craft containers were placed on the shelf underneath. I also have another container holding the LEGO manuals.

DIY Lego table with storage

The girls have LOVED playing with it. We’ve got all the LEGO Friends theme park rides set up. Whenever we’ve had friends over, they’ve headed straight to the LEGO table. No need for me to get toys and activities out. The coffee table is an attraction in itself.

Kids playroom with LEGO Coffee table with storage

There are so many clever LEGO table projects on Pinterest. What I like about our table  though is if the kids ever get sick of their LEGO, we can put it back to a coffee table again.