I’m Not Into Mo’s, But I Will Support Movember


Around a month ago, Jacob told me he was going to grow a mo and beard for Movember.

I inwardly groaned.

You see I don’t like facial hair. Superficial, I know. But I like a clean shaved man. I don’t mind a little stubble, but I’m not into a full grown Hairy Maclary situation on my man’s face. Hair everywhere and anywhere else, I can deal with, but hair on my hubbie’s face… not such a fan.

movember the plumbette

Funnily enough, my grandma also didn’t like facial hair. And my mum isn’t a fan either. I think women can either love it or leave it. Some of my friends have admitted their man’s new facial look ‘grew’ on them. Not sure I can say it’s growing on me.

Fifteen days in and 30th of November couldn’t come soon enough.


I love the cause and the reason behind Movember. And I love my husband even more for having a heart that wants to make a difference.

Believe it or not we need men in our world. I’m no man hater here. Quite the opposite. Sadly, our men experience worse longer-term health effects than women, dying on average six years earlier than their female counterparts.

Testicular cancer rates have doubled in the last 50 years and it is projected prostate cancer rates will double in the next 15 years. One man every minute takes his own life due to poor mental health and life stresses.

As much as I am for gender equality in the workplace (and all areas of life really!), I’m also grateful for the men in my life who have helped me be the person I am today. It was strong men like my dad and plumbers like Bob, who helped me and supported me when I worked as a plumber.

We need strong men in our families, our workplaces our communities and as our friends.

Despite my facial hair apprehension, Movember is all about raising awareness about men’s health and raising funds to finance ground-breaking research to ensure these health issues that affect men are reduced.


So for the sake of raising vital funds, I’m happy to support my husband as he grows a mo for the cause.

Jacob has made a humble target of $500 being his first year participating. If you’d like to give, head to the link here.

Is your man taking part in Movember? Are you a fan of facial hair?

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