Sometimes It’s Not Fear That Holds You Back, It’s Wisdom

fear wisdom

I think quotes and inspirational memes can confuse the crap out of us. Well they do for me.

One moment I’m charging through life, making goals and then the next, I’m wondering if I’m where I’m meant to be and does this feeling mean I’m actually out of my comfort zone or should I be taking more risks?

Sometimes we have to sit tight with our thoughts and work our way through what we want and why we’ve chosen the path we have.

For those of us that have faith, it’s not always about what we want, it’s about where the Lord leads us. And we can still question the path and decisions we’ve made and whether we’ve heard from the Lord correctly.

If there is anything I can share about my learnings with this is that God’s ways are not the world’s ways. And those things that mean a lot to us have been planted in our heart for a reason. It’s up to us to determine when and how to act on those desires planted in our heart.

Last week I came face to face with decisions I had made in the past. A mistake I made a few years ago came back to haunt me and make me doubt whether I had made the right choices in the last few years.

And so I had to sit with my thoughts (and feelings) and remind myself of my why. Why did I make those decisions and why did I choose the path that I did?
I contemplated the alternate path. What would life have looked like if I had taken the different road?

I questioned whether fear had been a factor in my decision making. And I realised, those decisions weren’t ever made in fear, they were made with wisdom. Despite not knowing the outcome of the decision I made, I’m still thankful, 3 years later of where that path has taken me.

The Bible says wisdom is more precious than gold (Proverbs 3). Wisdom is life’s currency. It helps you make decisions each and every day. Wisdom can prevent you living a life fearful of the future.

And so I know without a doubt the decisions I have made in the last few years have been due to wisdom. I knew the consequences of taking the alternate path because I had already lived it. And even though I didn’t know the consequences of the path I did take, the core benefits aligned with my why more than the gains on the other road.

It’s often not fear that holds us back, but wisdom.

fear and wisdom quote the plumbette

Once I realised this truth, I felt more confident with the decisions I made and I got back on my way, focusing on my own path.

Life has a funny way of distracting us with the journey of others. Use the distraction as a temporary reflection, and get back working towards your why.

No one has your why. Your why matters and we need to be good stewards with the why that’s been planted in our soul.

How do you deal with life’s distractions? Ever felt like you took the wrong road, despite knowing it was the right one at that time?