Thanks Dad For Being my Most Engaged Fan on Social Media

thanks dad for being my facebook fan

I used to joke that my dad was a dinosaur when it came to using new technology. He often admitted it himself.

When we ran our family plumbing business, he loved his fax and would often fax through quotes and invoices, despite the email being a cheaper and quicker option. And often more preferred.

But when the iPhone came out, he was the first to embrace the new phone. Not because of the apps or features, but simply because it had a bigger number dialing pad than his previous Nokias.

It wasn’t until he started going to a new church and volunteering, he started to get onto Facebook and Instagram. Being on social media was not necessarily expected, but made it easier to connect with people.

When my dad started using Facebook and Instagram, he of course started following my pages for The Plumbette and Styled by Bec.

My dad is one of my most engaged social media fans. He will comment on most of my posts and pictures.

And being the dad he is, he will comment with brute honesty.

I’ve often had blogging friends tell me my dad is a crack up because of his comments under my blogs.

So I thought I’d share some of the funny comments my dad has left on The Plumbette. Maybe you will get a laugh too.

dad doesn't like ripped jeans engaged facebook fan

My dad doesn’t like ripped jeans. Or anything distressed.  And he will ALWAYS leave a comment saying ‘those jeans again’ with a fire icon which I believe means they should be burned or tossed away. He once admitted they did look good on me. I’ve kept that comment close to my heart and will never give up wearing distressed jeans. Well unless they go out of fashion.

He’s not a fan of green nails. I decided to try something new with my nail colour and to be honest, even I wasn’t convinced if it was the right colour for me. A few weeks later I got pink nails and showed them on Instagram. Dad was quick to approve. So much better than the snot green nails I had previously. Thanks dad.

maternity spew

He will bring up memories I’d much rather forget (he probably wishes he could forget them too)… like the time I was pregnant and suffered from terrible morning sickness. I threw up on the way to a job on the Gold Coast when I was suffering from morning sickness. I do remember getting to the job location and I needed to wash out my bowl, but the hose tap had an anti-vandal handle. I was frustrated, until dad reminded me we were plumbers and we would be able to use our tools to get the hose tap to work. Problem solved! Clearly he’s never forgotten my spews as he recently shared valuable information on what else is needed if you have a pregnant tradie working for you.

messed up styling

He’s not into boho styling or anything alternate. I know this already and reply to his comment saying I knew he wouldn’t like it and his  usual typical dad response? ‘I’m glad I didn’t disappoint’.

bathroom dangle comment

Some designs he doesn’t mind and will joke about – like the bathroom with a wall window. If you can’t read what my dad wrote, he said ‘No tinted glass let it all hang out and dangle beautiful.’ When I read this comment I laughed out loud.

slow cooked food comment

He doesn’t like slow cooker food – ie – sloppy food like curries and casseroles. As he explained on my slow cooker post which features my favourite online recipes, it looks like ‘dog poo’.

There have been countless more comments that have been pure gold from my dad, but these are the recent ones.

He also likes to follow bloggers I follow. He may even follow your blog and leave a comment under your posts.

The best comments of all are the ones that affirm his love for me and how proud he is of me.

There are days where I doubt the journey I’ve taken with the blog and writing online. But he always reassures me and tells me the world needs to read what I write and where I am is where I am meant to be. But it takes time to grow and build a blog just like a business.

I recently made a call out on Facebook for friends to vote for me in the Amara Interior Blog Awards. (You can still vote)

The Facebook algorithm meant dad saw my post twice. So he voted for me again.
And here’s what he had to say,

votes twice for his daughter

Thanks Dad for always reading what I write and encouraging me when I doubt what I do. Your ‘likes’ and your comments make me smile, cringe or laugh. Sometimes all three at the same time.

Thanks for being my most engaged fan on social media.

You’ll get an autographed card on Sunday. 😉

Does your dad follow you on Social Media? Ever had a funny comment from a dad or a male on your social media pages?