The Stylish Bathroom Accessories That Removed The Eye Sore Mess From My Shower Floor

Stylish Bathroom Accessories That Removed The Eye Sore Mess From My Shower Floor

Looking for no-drill, stylish bathroom accessories which will store your personal shower products off the floor? Read on about Fusion-Loc products!

There have been a few things that have annoyed me in our ensuite bathroom since we’ve lived here for nearly ten years.

The first is not having enough towel rails to hang up more than one towel. There was also never an allowance for a hand towel holder either.

The second was having no soap holders.

We did have soap holders when we first moved into our house. But they were originally installed in a way where the chrome part of the holder just balanced on the two screws that were installed to secure the holder to our shower wall.

On the occasion I did put a bar of soap into the holder, it fell at my feet, smashing the glass dish and chipping a tile in the shower.

The screws were so rusted from the way it was installed, the heads came off leaving half the screw embedded in the shower. It has been an eyesore ever since.

When the same thing happened to my husband’s side of the shower I knew we had to get new soap holders.

The third was not having a niche or any sort of accessories to hold the bottles of shampoo and shower gel off the floor.

These annoyances were ones I could live with. But it wasn’t until I was contacted by FUSION-LOC and had a look at their stylish bathroom accessories, that I knew I’d found the answer to remove the eye sore mess from my shower floor.


FUSION-LOC are easy to install accessories that work as their name suggests – using vacuum fusion to lock the accessories in place on the wall.

They work perfectly on glass, sealed tiles, vinyls and laminates. The design is patented to FUSION-LOC, so it’s a unique installation anyone can do. No tools or drilling are required. The vacuum-fusion pump does the work for you.

fusion-loc pack

fusion-loc matte black stylish bathroom accessories

fusion-loc matte black stylish bathroom accessories

FUSION-LOC Range – Chrome and Matte Black

The range is stylish and comes in chrome and matte black. The matte black is GORGEOUS. For our ensuite, I’ve used a mix of both to show you what it looks like. Jacob has kept the matte black for his side of the shower. I do have chrome to remove the black should we decide to make the accessories uniform.

I was sent a range of products to install in my bathroom and I put them to the test.

stylish bathroom accessories fusion-loc

fusion-loc accessories

Initially, the soap holders would not seal to our tiles. The reason for this is because they are porous. It’s a very rare issue to have porous tiles. The way to get around that was to install adhesive discs (which can be purchased separately) and then install the FUSION-LOC accessories to the discs.

fusion-loc discs

fusion-loc bathroom accessories

I was dubious about whether they would hold, but after a month’s worth of showers, our accessories are still in place, and they hold a few kgs of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel products. We rarely use soap, but I’m happy to have the soap holders installed for display purposes.

fusion-loc matte black stylish bathroom accessories

Here is a video of how I installed the soap holder. It takes less than 30 seconds. For me, it took 34 seconds because I was having multi-tasking issues.

I was sent some Fusion-loc products to test in our bathroom, which are available from @bunnings. They make a range of suction holders that can be used pretty much anywhere in the house – but mainly the bathroom. They are so easy to install, I even did it in a dress 😉😂. The shower has been used to test the strength as there is no drilling with these products. I also had to use an adhesive disc as my tiles are porous and Fusion-loc won’t work on porous materials but they do supply adhesive discs for those installations. Here’s a quick video of me putting on the soap holder in just over 30 secs. Will have a review soon on the blog and a giveaway. The matte black accessories are pretty 👌🏼but chrome is the way to go in our bathroom to match the chrome tapware. #gifted #blogpostcomingsoon #fusionloc #fusion-loc #bunnings #bathroomaccessories #interiors #bathroom #soapholder #homedecor #showeraccessories #plumber

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The FUSION-LOC range also includes a towel rail, suction towel ring holder, toilet roll holder and hooks.

We installed a suction hook as another place to hang a towel. We will look at getting an additional towel rail to add to our main bathroom in the future as the towel doesn’t dry in winter when hung like this.

stylish bathroom accessories

Overall, I’ve been really happy with the FUSION-LOC bathroom accessories. If you’re looking for a way to style up the bathroom, then adding these accessories is certainly the easiest and best way to go about it.

fusion-loc matte black stylish bathroom accessories

Best of all, the accessories can be removed and installed in a different position if needed. All you need to do is remove the cap and use your finger nail to release the vacuum in the centre valve and then remove from the wall. If you use an adhesive plate though, this will damage your plasterboard wall as it is a strong adhesive. You will need to replace these if they are to be removed.

FUSION-LOC Matte black hook

When I head into our shower, it feels like new. It’s a delight to head into the shower and not have to bend to reach bottles of shampoo and conditioner. It’s also been nice not to have towels draped over the shower door.

The FUSION-LOC range is available exclusively through Bunnings. Check out their Facebook page for inspiration for use in caravans and motorhomes.

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Disclosure: I was gifted FUSION-LOC accessories for the purpose of this post. This post was originally published May 2018 and has been updated accordingly. All opinions are my own. This post has been written in accordance with my Disclosure Policy