Three Easy Hacks to Keep Your Home Organised

keep your home organised with these easy hacks

Guest Post

A seemingly ever-increasing workload paired with the ever-increasing responsibilities to keep your life in order (whatever that may entail) can leave us stressing about life rather than enjoying it for all the beauty it can bring. From finishing off that report that was due three days ago to ‘it’s your turn to carpool the kids back from soccer training’, it can seem nearly impossible to juggle it all and have any time to relax.

Fill your long-awaited weekends with the more important things – spending quality time with friends and family rather than fixing that 6 month old leaking tap. Taking ‘me-time’ and seeking help from local professionals can get those little, yet time-consuming jobs done efficiently so you can spend time doing the things that matter the most to you.
This may all seem like a perfect world to live in, and luckily, it’s easier than you may think to achieve. Here are three easy hacks to keep your home organised:

1. Pace yourself and clean one room at a time

home organised through cleaning one room at a time

The amount of tasks at hand when it comes to cleaning can be overwhelming – vacuuming, wiping, dusting, just to name a few – especially when you have a number of other things on your mind. Cleaning only one room at a time allows for an achievable goal so that the amount of work isn’t so overwhelming. Here are some top tips in getting the cleaning done efficiently:


  • Change pillow and bed sheets
  • Dusting here and there
  • Vacuum the floor


  • Start at the top: spray and wipe countertops, stovetop, cabinet and surface of appliances with a multipurpose spray
  • Then move on to clean the sink
  • A final touch of sweeping and mopping the floor to finish it off


  • Purchase toilet and general bathroom cleaning spray for hygiene purposes
  • Use a toilet brush to clean the inside bowl of the toilet
  • Use wet and dry clothes to wipe down the outside
  • Spray and clean counters, shower, tub, walls
  • Mop the floor

However, having to clean all of these rooms by yourself can become overwhelming and time-consuming, so some extra can help to relieve some pressure. Hiring a fairly-priced cleaner not only lessens the workload for you, but it also provides a clean and germ-free environment for you and your family to enjoy. Click here to see the cost of hiring a cleaner in your state.

2. Designate days

me time to keep home organised and less overwhelmed

With our increasingly busy workload and parent duties seeming to take over our lives, it can be difficult to remember why you’re doing all of it in the first place. You’d like to work hard to earn the money to support your family, and your parent duties are in an attempt to keep your home life working like a well-oiled machine. It’s important to designate days in the week where you put everything aside and take the time to sit down, take a breath and just relax. Relaxation and general ‘me-time’ can have a profound impact upon your mind’s clarity and overall health. Whether it’s taking an hour-long bath or taking 3 walks with the dog per week, designating hours or days for this is essential to keeping your home (and mind) organised.

3. Leave it to the plumber

a plumber can help keep your home organised

Instead of spending your whole Saturday attempting to fix that leaking tap that’s been keeping you awake at night for half the year, press your partner to find a plumber. Find more about what a plumber can do here.

It’s likely that a licensed professional will get the job done in at least half the time you would, and instead, you can spend your Saturday outdoors in the sunshine with your family – and you can sleep well at night knowing that leak isn’t coming back anytime soon.

Life is beautiful but complicated, especially when it’s becoming increasingly difficult to juggle work demands and housework. We’re only human and there are only a certain amount of hours in a day, so don’t be afraid to call in a little extra help when needed – spending time with loved ones is priceless.

This article was written by Jenny Cheng.