Unusual Toilet Paper Storage Solutions For The Bathroom

toilet paper storage

We keep having toilet blockages at our house and it’s not because of excessive number twos.

Phoebe is entering the terrible twos, pulling off whole rolls of paper and dumping them in the toilet. This wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t know how to flush the toilet. She grabs a stool and presses the button and obviously watches in delight as the toilet fills up and blocks. And then her work is done and I’m left to discover it and fix it.

blocked toilet

Usually I can scoop the paper into a bag, but often there are remnants that are unreached by hand and the good old plunger saves the day. Jacob gladly watches me work.

plunging toilet

We did have a toilet latch by Dreambaby®, but Phoebe soon took a hold of it and I think it’s been flushed down the toilet. (Sorry Urban Utilities!)

Anyway, with all the toilet paper dramas, I came across some unusual toilet paper storage ideas on Houzz. If you’re looking for something that will make your bathroom stand out from the rest, maybe take some inspiration from these ideas.

The Divider

I’d be scared having this in my bathroom with kids. Do all the rolls fall into place like tetris when one is taken? Knowing my girls, they’d take them out of each divided section they can reach.


Four Seasons Art Loft

The Rope

Use a rope to strand a toilet roll or two. A great idea when a back-up is needed. Also makes it difficult for little hands to unhook and unthread.

East Hampton Beach Cottage

The Pull Down

I’ve never seen anything like this before, but it kind of appeals to me because Phoebe wouldn’t be able to reach it, but you’d want to have good arm height to reach for the paper when sitting down.

My Houzz: suspension of disbelief

Lonely Dinosaur

This is a bit innovative. Using a toy dinosaur to hold the paper. I’m not sure how hygienic this is when everyone has to grab the dinosaur to unravel the roll….

Vintage Apartment in Portland, OR

Wall Hooks

A good way to keep the paper out of reach of young children. Easy to yank off the wall and onto the hook when needed.

Maison V Villennes sur seine

Magazine Holder

Never thought to repurpose a magazine holder to store toilet paper. But I like it. Not so good for my household at the moment. Could also pose as a target risk for little (and possibly big) boys.

Darlene Paradis

What toilet paper storage solutions have you come up with?