Why My Kids’ Fussy Eating Habits Don’t Bother Me – Hivita Liquivita for Kids Review

hivita liquivita for kids review by The Plumbette

This post has been written in collaboration with Hivita

If you have kids with fussy eating habits… you’re not alone. I have some of those in my household too. That’s why I was eager to get my kids to review the Hivita Liquivita for Kids – a liquid multivitamin for kids. But before I share how we found it, you best know the history of my fussy eating children.

hivita liquivita for kids review by The Plumbette

Pre- kids, I swore I was going to be that mum who made sure her kids always ate their vegetables.

I did so well with Esther until at 9 months, she decided she wanted to feed herself and REFUSED ALL OF THE CUT VEGETABLES I laid out for her.

baby not happy eating vegetables
What is this food you’re giving to me?!

I couldn’t understand it. She had eaten vegetable purees so well from 5 months old. How could she decide she didn’t want to eat vegetables anymore?

I worried about her little tummy being empty so would compensate with food I knew she would eat – which included fruit, cheese, yoghurt, sandwiches and some meat. Not a green vegetable in sight.

Six years later, Esther will give most things at dinner time a go. She happily takes carrot sticks for munch and crunch at school and will eat broccoli at dinner. Lettuce, tomato and avocado are still a no go. But she will devour my spaghetti bolognaise (with LOTS of hidden veggies!) and polish off the tomato sauce!

When I had Magdalene, she was a BRILLIANT eater. She ate everything I placed in front of her. I realised Esther’s fussy eating was no reflection on my skills as a mum.

Phoebe is also a happy little eater. She’s the best eater out of my three girls. Magdalene is currently the fussiest eater at present and will not hesitate in telling me the family dinner I’ve cooked looks disgusting. I ignore her. She eventually takes a bite or two and will then exclaim it’s the best dinner ever. #fouryearolds

With my kids’ varied eating habits, I’m no longer bothered if they get fussy (there are no alternatives to what’s placed on the dinner table), I do get concerned about their health though and want to make sure they are getting all their nutrients.

I know that our food should be the source of our nutrients, but what happens when our kids refuse to eat various vegetables that would give them these much needed vitamins? What do we do as adults when we know our diet isn’t as good as it should be? We start taking a multi-vitamin and kids can take a daily multi-vitamin in liquid form.

hivita for kids multivitamin for kids
Hivita Liquivita for Kids is a complete multivitamin for kids. It has 30 active ingredients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs, to fill the nutritional gaps in a child’s diet. The multivitamin also supports healthy growth and development and builds their immune system.

There are no artificial flavours or colours and unlike the gummy vitamins that are a popular children’s vitamin on the market, sugar isn’t an active ingredient in Hivita Liquivita. There is no added glucose or sucrose, which helps parents manage their child’s daily sugar intake.

liquivita vs gummies

The pineapple and mango flavour is easy to swallow and is a flavour kids love. I had mixed responses on the flavour from my kids. Phoebe turned out to enjoy it the least, but she’s never been a fan of tropical fruit so I can understand why she wasn’t warm to it.

To combat my Phoebe’s aversion to the multi-vitamin, I added a teaspoon to a fruit smoothie. She was oblivious to the taste.

hivita liquivita for kids review by The Plumbette

You can’t blend a gummy vitamin into a smoothie. That’s just another reason why this multi-vitamin from Hivita is a winner. It can be added to smoothies, without the kids even realizing.

hivita liquivita for kids review by The Plumbette

Hivita Liquivita for kids is Australian made, owned and formulated. It’s available in all good chemists and health food stores. You can also purchase it online.

If you’re keen to give this a trial with your kids, you can save 50% by using the code PLUMBKIDS until 30th September 2017.

Having experienced fussy eating from all three of my children, I’m thankful for Hivita Liquivita because I know they will be getting the nutrients they need, even if their eating habits are fussy.

Do you have fussy eaters in your house? What fruit and vegetables do your kids refuse to eat?

This post has been written in accordance with my disclosure policy.