7 Female Plumbers in QLD Making Their Mark on the Construction Industry

female plumbers in QLD

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate and recognise the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It also promotes conversation and action for equality and gender parity.

This year’s theme is #balanceforbettter2019 and what better way to celebrate than to share with you 7 female plumbers in QLD making their mark on the construction industry. Most run their own business or are employed in an area of authority within construction.

Let it be said, I admire anyone who completes a plumbing apprenticeship. It takes time, dedication, perseverance, strength – both physically and mentally to complete the training at college and onsite.

There can be unexpected challenges and these ladies have their own stories of overcoming prejudice and judgement. Yet they have persevered and are paving a way for other women to follow in their steps.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to meet and know these ladies at various events organised by NAWIC and the Master Plumbers Association of QLD. They are awesome to hang out with. Their enthusiasm for their trade is infectious.

There are female plumbers I reached out to to be part of this post, but I didn’t receive a response. So there are many other female plumbers busily making their mark. But these ladies are worth recognizing and sharing.

These female plumbers in QLD have their own story of struggle and triumph. One has only started her apprenticeship – so not technically a plumber yet, but she is absolutely worth sharing in this mix of female plumbers making a mark on the construction industry.

Female Plumbers in QLD Making Their Mark in The Construction Industry

Kirsty Train – Grace Gasfitting and Home Maintenance

Kirsty is a licensed gas fitter and runs her business in Toowoomba. No job is too hard or dirty for Kirsty.

kirsty train Grace Gasfitting and home maintenance
Kirsty underneath a house. Told me there were more spides than snakes under this house.

We need gas fitters with Kirsty’s attention to detail! Her plumbing story is one I will feature in more detail on the blog one day, but she is truly a woman to be recognised in the industry. I hold her in high esteem as she has picked herself up when faced with a knockback. She also is one of the rare female tradies who hasn’t had a family member to help her get a step up into the industry. I admire her and love that her business is flourishing.

Kirsty Train Grace Gas Fitting
Check out Kirsty’s Facebook Page: Grace Gasfitting and Home Maintenance

Jessica Pasfield – Pasfield Plumbing

Jess is a first year plumbing apprentice who runs a plumbing business, Pasfield Plumbing, with her husband. When Jess completes her apprenticeship, she will be the 50th licensed female plumber in QLD.

Jess Pasfield from Pasfield Plumbing
Jess on her first day at College

Pasfield Plumbing specialise in general maintenance and commercial plumbing services. They are based in Beenleigh Logan, servicing South Brisbane to North Gold Coast.

pasfield plumbing
Check out their Facebook Page: Pasfield Plumbing

Rhonda Vermeer – Aqua 7 & PV Plumbing & Engineering Pty Ltd

I first met Rhonda four years ago when we were both invited to have breakfast at Parliament House. We sat next to each other at the breakfast and I could relate to her experiences as an apprentice. Our paths have met quite a few times at various breakfast and plumbing events.

Aqua 7
Check out Rhonda’s Facebook Page: Aqua 7

Rhonda is a licensed plumber. She and her husband David run their company, Aqua 7. They have worked together for 25 years. David is a Licensed Builder/Tiler/Waterproofer and their skillsets offer customers an all-in-one company that can handle all aspects of a bathroom renovation and plumbing project. Their family owned and run business is a brilliant example of #balanceforbetter.

Jessica Gardiner – One Bird Plumbing

Jess is the plumber behind One Bird Plumbing. I’ve seen Jess at various plumbing events and have been following her business online. She’s a plumber to watch and support as she single handedly runs her plumbing business. Based at East Brisbane, she’s the plumber to call if you live in the inner and surrounding suburbs of Brisbane.

one bird plumbing
Jessica Gardiner’s Facebook Page: One Bird Plumbing

Alana Mulqueen – Home Assist

Alana has recently had a job change where she was running her own plumbing business, but now helps the elderly with their plumbing problems through Home Assist. After catching up online, she says she’s loving this change in her career. I know she’d be an asset to the Home Assist team because she’s down-to-earth and is a skillful plumber. Who wouldn’t want a plumber like that in their home?!

Alana Mulqueen Female Plumber

Rachael Keiley – Demeter Constructions

Rachael is a licensed plumber, who runs a construction business with her builder husband. Rachael won Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Women in Plumbing and Gas award at the plumbing awards last year. She was also one of the speakers at the Women in Plumbing breakfast at Parliament House.

Demeter Constructions is based on the Gold Coast and they specialise in small houses like granny flats and demountable homes.

demeter constructions
Follow Rachael Keily’s Facebook Page: Demeter Constructions

Rachael is gorgeous inside and out. An encourager to all female plumbers, who are working in their businesses or coming through the ranks; she influences our industry for the better.

Carlie Low – Brisbane City Council

Carlie is no stranger to this blog and she must be included in this round up of women for her commitment to the industry. She has inspired every single female plumber on this page – including me.

Carlie Low female plumber in qld
Carlie Low – Development Plumbing Officer for the BCC

She is my go-to when I need to know laws about various plumbing trends and how they comply with the plumbing standards. She’s a pioneer for female plumbers in QLD. She is currently a Development Plumbing Officer with the Brisbane City Council.

If you are wanting to support these female plumbers in QLD, follow them on their Facebook page and make their number the first one you dial with your plumbing needs.

The plumbing industry is all the more better for these ladies giving it a go. Their business achievements are worth recognizing and celebrating on International Women’s Day.