A Fork in the Road


You may have noticed a few changes in my blog posts recently. It’s not because I’ve gone all soft or haven’t had anything to blog about when it comes to plumbing. It’s because since having my second child and being on maternity leave, I have had time to seek clarity and think about what I want to achieve with my blog and the direction I want to take it.

When I first started blogging I thought the readers would come and my friends would be my first fans to like my Facebook page.

Well the readers didn’t come and the Facebook page sat dormant for quite a while before I started asking for likes via giveaways. In the last month, my Facebook page ticked over 100 likes and it was done organically by linking my blog up with other blogs to build my readership.

My maternity leave has given me time to read other blogs, network with other bloggers via social media and read tutorials on how to make my blog better. One of the key lessons when writing online is to write for your target audience.

When I started my blog at the end of 2011, I thought my target audience would be plumbers but I naively forgot that the clients that ring me up for plumbing work are predominantly stay at home mums and it’s this same audience that are reading my blog.

If my dad and I have ever had the privilege of working in your home, you would know that I love talking to you and my dad likes to get on with the job. I have juggled passing tools and fittings to my dad while playing tea parties with your daughters or throwing balls for your pets and showing off tools and explaining how they work to your sons. I realized as I was breastfeeding my daughter that I wanted to bring this personalized approach to my blog and not just preach the same drum about always using a licensed plumber.

So this is how my blog will roll. I will write about plumbing and the jobs that I come across, but I will also write about motherhood and hopefully when you read my blog you will learn something about the plumbing trade and feel encouraged about your role as a mother or father or a female tradie or a plumber or whatever role you currently find yourself fulfilling.

I will be writing sponsored posts where I feel led. I only realized the full enormity of how influential my blog can be when I recently went to a friend’s home and she showed me a bottle of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus oil that she had purchased to remove the stubborn stickers from her new stainless steel fridge. She had remembered reading the review on my blog and bought the product.

This is why I write reviews and want to do sponsored posts and giveaways – because they benefit you the reader. Any money received from sponsored posts will get sown back into my blog. I haven’t received any payment so far for my blog and it has been a big investment of time and money from my end. But the investment is worth it. And one day I do want to write and blog full time so that I can work from home and be there for my children when they go to school.

I have come to a fork in the road and I have chosen my direction and I’m hoping you will stay with me and that The Plumbette will become one of your favourite blogs to read.

Thank you for your support, your comments and following me via social media.

I’m available and back on the tools from this week on if you live in Brisbane and require some plumbing to be done. Feel free to send me an email or connect with me via Facebook.

*Image sourced from LWYM Pure