A Successful Work Day

female plumber on site showing her boss the problem

Today dad and I disconnected a bathroom and replaced some basin taps to a vanity basin.

Often our clients enjoy the comical camaraderie dad and I have with each other as we get each job done.

You really need to have a good sense of humour when you’re a plumber. Some of the crappiest jobs can turn into the most funniest moments.

Today I nearly vomited when my dad placed his whole hand into an old toilet waste to work out where the pipe ran to. Plumbers should seriously have shares in hand sanitizer because we go through that stuff a lot. That hand got a double dousing of the stuff!!

Our second job of the day turned out to be easier than expected. We had to disconnect taps from an existing vanity basin and install the new tap ware. When disconnecting taps from a basin, there is always a mark from where the existing tap ware sat on the basin. Sometimes the marks can be scrubbed off using a cream cleanser like Jiff.

Most clients if they hang around to watch what you are doing, get embarrassed when they see the marks on the basin. I can generally tell how often a basin has been cleaned. If there is green residue underneath the tap flanges, I know the basin has been cleaned often (the green residue is from the cleaning products that have seeped underneath the flange). If there is black gunk and the flanges are hard to take off, I know that the basin hasn’t had much love and care from the cleaning department.

Either way, plumbers don’t generally judge on cleanliness (ok… sometimes I do but I think that this may be because I’m a woman).  Most plumbers want to get in and get out when it comes to doing work.

If you are particularly keen to have a super clean bathroom, clean the areas that often get left unclean… underneath the toilet seat hinges and underneath tap flanges if you have hot and cold pillar taps in your basin.

Magdalene fast asleep at Grandma's with a full tummy.
Magdalene fast asleep at Grandma’s with a full tummy.

What made today a successful work day was the fact that Magdalene settled well with my mum and went to sleep after her morning solids feed. Not only does my mum still have the ‘Grandma touch’ but my dear little Magdalene may have gotten used to her mummy going back to work. I hope she can behave the same way on Wednesday.