Bathroom Trends for 2017

bathroom trends 2017

As another year looms to an end, so do a run of trends in interiors. There are many predictions on what will be big trends in bathrooms next year so I’ve compiled a few of the common predictions that we will most likely see in bathroom designs in the coming year. You may even see them on The Block for 2017 but just remember you read them here first. 😉

bathroom trends for 2017

Bathroom Trends for 2017

Feature Baths are the Feature

The feature bath has been a dominating trend in main bathrooms. But now, it’s going to be the main feature with different shapes, sizes and colours to make it stand out even more. Depending on the space in the bathroom, a block coloured feature bath is the way to go. Think black, grey or a bold colour in navy or red.

Yorba Linda Residence
Kew Heritage Renovation and Extension

Minimalist Space

Bathrooms are going to be less cluttered with more concealed storage solutions. Benches will be less styled and more clear to allow for a ‘mindful space’.

Wood and Natural Materials Reign

Timber and natural materials like stone will still be popular choices in the bathroom. Both were introduced as key trends for 2016 and they will continue to be popular for their modern aesthetic and luxurious appearance. To keep in with budgets, indistinguishable imitative products will be used.

Prospect Heights Townhouse

Black and Brushed Metal Tapware

Black and brushed metal tapware will be the popular choices for water outlets in the bathroom. Brushed metal is a better choice than black as it will age beautifully over time, whereas black will lose its sheen from water marks. Trust a plumber on this one as stylists don’t go back a few years later do maintenance on them. 😉

Pretty Peace

Concealed Floor Wastes and Drains

Keeping in with the minimalist look, floor waists and drains will be concealed through tiling. Chrome grated drains are out.

concealed floor waste

Rimless Toilet Suites and Induct Cisterns

The rimless toilet suite from Caroma was introduced earlier this year and it will be a considered choice as it aligns with the minimal look in bathrooms as will induct cisterns.

Lighting Zones

Different lighting will be used to separate zones within the bathroom.

Neutral Colours

Black, white and grey will still be popular choices as they are modern and timeless. But there will be different tones introduced like charcoal, greige and granite.

Tathra Bathroom Renovation

Are you planning a bathroom renovation next year? Which trends stand out most to you?

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