The Bathware Excellence Awards Needs Your Vote

The Bathware Excellence Awards Needs Your Vote

Choosing the taps and fixtures for your bathroom renovation can be a matter of personal choice and budget.

Preferences to different designs, materials and colours come down to the individual and I’ve learned what is someone’s cup of tea may be a nightmare for others to use. Personal tastes play a big part in the taps and fixtures we choose for the spaces we use every day.

One way to narrow list of brands to consider for your bathroom reno is through the recommendations of others. And the best way to do this is through awards and voting forums. Awards that allow renovators to voice who their preferred brands of taps and fixtures are can help others become more aware of brands they may never have considered previously.

House of Home announced the launch of their Inaugural Bathware Products Awards last week, and I was excited to see brands I’ve shared about or worked with, being shortlisted in their relevant category.

house of home bathware excellence awards

The House of Home Bathware Excellence Awards celebrates product design and innovation. The judging panel is made of leading Australian bathware retailers who created a shortlist of the best products on offer in the tapware, shower, vanity and bathtub categories.

vanity by ADP bathware excellence awards
Vanity by ADP

If you are a renovator or interior design lover, you can have a say on which products should win in each category. By voting for your favourite design and/or brand, you go into the draw to win a $200 Gift Voucher for use at House of Home. This would be awesome for those who need taps or fixtures for their current renovation.

tap mixer by Astra Walker
Mixer by Astra Walker

To vote in the awards, simply head to House of Home and make your vote count in each category.

Please note that you may submit only one vote per category. Duplicate entries will not be counted. Voting closes 21st June 2018.

If you vote in each category, you give yourself a bigger chance to win a voucher. Here are the brands that are available in each category:


house of home tapware 2018

  1. Astra Walker
  2. Brodware
  3. Faucet Strommen
  4. Ikon
  5. Jamie J
  6. Methven
  7. Millenium
  8. Phoenix


vanities house of home

  1. Architectural Designer Products
  2. BelBagno
  3. Fienza
  4. Inda
  5. Ingrain
  6. Ledin
  7. Rifco
  8. Timberline


house of home bathtubs

  1. Vizzini
  2. Dado
  3. BelBagno
  4. Decina
  5. Forme
  6. Studio Bagno
  7. Kaskade
  8. Castano


house of home showers category

  1. Brodware
  2. Con-Serv
  3. Gro Agencies
  4. Hansgrohe
  5. Meir
  6. Methven
  7. Nero
  8. Phoenix

So tell me, which brand gets your vote in the Bathware Excellence Awards? Have you had personal experience with any of these brands?