Best Taps for Potable Bore Water and Rainwater Fed Properties


For properties that rely on potable bore water or rainwater for their water supplies, jumper valve taps have been the recommended choice of tapware.

best taps for potable bore water

I recently had a question sent through on my blog from a property owner who is about to embark on a home renovation. They rely on potable bore water and rain water for their water supply. In the process of collating minimalist and contemporary bathroom and kitchen mixers, they were advised they can only install jumper valve tapware (taps with washers) which threw their tapware choices out the window.

From my own plumbing experience and knowledge, jumper valve taps are the best taps for potable bore water and rain water fed properties due to the water pressure and possible mineral content in the water. But rather than rely on my knowledge, I sought advice from a two plumbers and a plumbing supplier for their recommendations and considerations.

Best Taps for Potable Bore Water

My first contact was my dad (plumber with 40 years experience), who advised jumper valves would be best for two reasons.

Firstly, they work better with gravity fed bore/rain water systems. The jumper valve essentially allows more water through the tap as opposed to ceramic disc. Therefore, they are the best choice if the water pressure is anticipated to be low.

Secondly, bits of dirt and grit can come through the water lines and smash the ceramic discs used in mixer taps, requiring at times for the whole tap to be replaced which can be costly. The cost of replacing tap washers is a few dollars compared to a mixer tap.

I reached out to John from Salmon Plumbing. He was able to advise from his contact three things that need to be considered – and possibly asked to the plumber and tap manufacturer before purchasing the taps for this application.

  1. What is the water pressure? The water to tap will have to be within operating pressure detailed in the technical information for the chosen mixer.

2. If the bore water is potable (which it is) it (mixers) should be ok in terms of mineral content.

3. Check the tap manufacturer on water pressure guidelines for the tap. Water pressure is more important than mineral content.

Next, I reached out to Melissa from Reece Plumbing at Mill Park who also did some enquiries for me and only one tap manufacturer could recommend their mixers for gravity fed water systems. Greens Tapware (manufactured in New Zealand) recommended their Oxi or Marketti Mixers. One other brand didn’t recommend mixers at all for bore water/rain water fed properties.

best taps for bore water

Contemporary Jumper Valve Tapware

There is limited choice when it comes to choosing jumper valve tapware. These taps are the cross handle taps often mounted through the bench, basin/sink mount or wall. You can modernize by choosing wall assemblies and a colour tapware like matte black.  However, when choosing a coloured tapware ensure it has an electroplated finish for lasting quality.

Hard water can leave mineral deposits on coloured tapware which is difficult to remove. Chrome or a metallic tapware may be the best choice to ensure longevity of appearance. The tap manufacturer can give more guidance on your choice though. It’s best to go to a reputable plumbing supplier to find out what taps are going to suit your installation needs.

Posh Solus Wall sink set
Posh Solus Wall Sink Set – Jumper Valves
jumper valve tapware meir
Meir Round Jumper Valve Wall Top Assembly in Matte Black, Tiger Bronze Gold, Champagne and Polished Chrome

Contemporary Bathrooms with Jumper Valve Tapware





matte black tapware jumper valve
Image Credit: Interior Designer: Megan Dean, Photographer: @youmeandmyfuji Paris Brummer

What to check when choosing taps for potable bore water and rain water systems

When planning renovations with bore water or rainwater systems, your plumber will be the best person to check on what requirements are needed for the tapware. If their recommendation is for jumper valves, it may be to prevent expensive maintenance fees in the future and ensure enough water flow through the tap.

It’s important to check

  •  Warranty for your chosen tapware
  •  Water pressure from bore water/tank to tap
  •  Does the tap require high-quality water softeners and filters as part of their warranty?

While there are many taps available in various styles and colourways, functionality is key when choosing tapware that works with bore water and rainwater systems. Water pressure and functionality will always trump appearance.

If you recently renovated a property with bore water, what tapware did you choose?

Disclosure: The tapware listed in this post have been chosen from recommendations and/or their jumper valve assembly. Always check with the manufacturer before making your tap selections to ensure they will work with your bore water/rainwater system.