Changes to the Water Supply Legislation


One of the challenges of working in a trade is the constant red tape. I know that it happens in all industries, but within the trades, especially licensed trades like plumbing and electrical, red tape can be annoying and sometimes inconsistent.

In QLD, the state government is wanting to reduce red tape in the water sector by employing unlicensed persons to install and maintain water meters. Currently the legislation requires licensed plumbers to do this work.

What I don’t understand is laws are put in place to ensure the community engages with a licensed plumber for all their plumbing needs because firstly it’s law and secondly, you can void your insurance should an unlicensed installation go wrong. So why is the State Government keen to change legislation that protects the community? Especially when it’s at the meter that provides potable drinking water to each resident in QLD?

I signed a petition at Keep Plumbers on tap to protect plumber’s rights in relation to this new change the State Government is trying to push through.

I received a response from my local member saying that the Government is looking to reduce costs of maintaining water meters because a handyperson is cheaper than a licensed plumber. (It was worded more affluently than this). The letter continued to detail how the Government had already supported licensed plumbers by reducing red tape by removing plumbing approvals for some installations and introducing the Form 4 initiative thus saving residents on approval fees.

I understand that our current State Government is looking to reduce costs because of the budget deficit, but I don’t think compromising on the state’s water supply as the best way to go about it. Once one law is changed, what is the potential of future laws being changed to save money and thus undermining the plumbing licensing industry?

Health and safety must always come first and all Queenslander’s deserve their water meters to be installed and maintained by a licensed plumber.

Currently the Water Supply Services Legislation Amendment Bill has been submitted to Queensland Parliament. I’m now waiting to hear the outcome.

What do you think? Would you feel comfortable knowing that the water supplied to your house was being maintained by a handyperson rather than a licensed plumber with experience and expertise?

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