Choosing Taps and Fixtures When Renovating a Bathroom

choosing taps and fixtures for your bathroom renovation

Choosing the taps and fixtures when renovating a bathroom are all about personal style and are often bought to match a certain look. But aesthetics aside, what should you be looking for when choosing your bathroom taps and fixtures?

6 Tips for choosing taps and fixtures when renovating a bathroom

Mixer or hob mounted? Chrome or white? Square or oval? Black or white?

Trends change with the seasons and what may be in fashion in bathrooms today, may not be in season in a couple of years time. I have found though, the classics always win hands down so here are some tips to ensure you don’t regret your choices. After all you do have to live with them once they’re installed.

1. Expensive doesn’t always mean quality

Don’t choose expensive European brands of toilets, basins or taps. Don’t choose cheap crap either. Find a middle of the range brand that is easy to install and easy to get parts for.

Unfortunately many European brand toilet suites I have come across cost a bomb to fix or can’t be fixed because they no longer manufacture the parts so you have to pay to re-install a new toilet suite. Don’t make that costly mistake. Middle of the range brands to consider are Caroma, Fowler, Stylus, Posh, Porcher and generally most brands stored in Reece or Tradelink plumbing stores.

2. Functionality is important

Remember the use and function of the taps and fixtures before spending big money on them. Is it better to spend a couple of grand on a toilet or a weekend away? Everyone’s priorities are different, but remembering the function of a fixture may help you think twice about spending a load of cash on something designed to take your sh*t away. Remember what it holds and flushes and spend your hard earned cash on memorable experiences, not something that takes your poop away everyday. Invest in a quality toilet seat if you do spend a while sitting on the loo.

3. Consider future maintenance

Hob mounted and wall mounted pillar taps will have spindles that require a washer or ceramic disc. There are pros and cons against both but generally speaking, ceramic disc are more expensive but can save money on changing washers. However, washer spindles are affordable to purchase and cheaper to replace, but may need to be replaced more often.

4. Choose what works better for your actions

There are so many basin types to consider – recessed, semi-recessed or above counter are all stylish looks for a bathroom. When it comes to choosing what type of basin is best for you, do the lean-over toothbrush test. Will you forever be getting the front of your shirt wet with an above counter or semi-recessed basin? Do you want a basin that’s easy to clean?  Often hotel basins can help you decide what you do and don’t like. Take a few weekends away in the way of research.

choosing taps and fixtures for your bathroom renovation grey bathroom

5. Consider resell value

If you are thinking of selling your property after the bathroom renovation, think of fixtures which may draw an emotional response from a buyer. Often this can be in the way of added functionality. Add a second vanity basin, or install two opposite shower heads so two people can shower at the same time.

Buyers always like the functionality of a bathroom and if your house is lacking an ensuite, ensure that your main bathroom is multi-functional.

bathroom with a double vanity basin

6. Choose classics when in doubt

You can’t go wrong with chrome taps. When in doubt, choose chrome taps and white fixtures. Choose a colour scheme that won’t date by going neutral.

Avoid choosing gold plated or white taps because they tend to outdate quite quickly. They can also be difficult to source parts should they get scratched from maintenance or cleaning.

Hopefully these tips will help you when renovating your bathroom. Here are some more tips I shared on Houzz. What tips would you add to the list?