My dilemma


A couple of months ago I was called into the city to partake in a market research group. The meeting was going to take two hours so I decided to go to the toilet before the session started. A woman walked out of the bathroom and I entered the cubicle she had just used. There was only one cubicle in the female bathroom. Once I locked the door behind me I was faced with a dilemma.

panty liner in toilet bowl
The freshly flushed toilet bowl had a panty liner floating in the bowl.

I have written before that tampons and pads should NOT be flushed down the toilet. And preaching what I know as a plumber, my dilemma was do I pick it out or give it another drowning by flushing it again?

For a moment I looked around the cubicle for a pair of tongs and then I wished I had my tools with me so I could have fished it out with a pair of multi-grips. Reluctantly, I took the easy and hygienic route of re-flushing the toilet to see if it would flush away. It did. But I felt a bit guilty that I hadn’t walked what I talked. I reasoned in my mind that I was pregnant and I had to put my health needs first.

But how many of us use a toilet and then not look behind to make sure that the toilet is left clean for someone else to use? Sometimes the toilet is already in a messy state before we even get to it. I hate hovering on my tippy toes when a previous occupant has left a puddle in front of the toilet bowl. Using a toilet is a privilege and is often taken for granted in the First World.

So today’s message from The Plumbette is check the toilet after you’ve used it. Make sure you haven’t left any nasty surprises in the bowl for the next user.

What would you have done in my situation?

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