Doing the groundwork saves money


Don’t you love those working days where there are no problems and every job gets done smoothly with no hassles and no issues? I had such a day last Thursday.

Our first job could have turned into a big job had the client not done some ‘research’ before having us come over. His proactive investigation work meant he saved paying us to work out what he could do on his own.

This particular client lives ‘out in the bush’.  My dad joked that we may have hit New Zealand because the property was so far out of Brisbane. The property has a loooong driveway up to the house (might be 500m?). It feels longer driving on it because it goes up a hill through dense forest and winds around.

The house is run by bore water and tank water and the sewerage is connected to the septic tank. The issue this client had was various leaks had sprung on his main poly water pipe which serviced various hose taps on his property. To solve the leaking problem, he had run another poly pipe, rather than dig up the existing main and required us to make the connection.

Sometimes plumbing problems need a bit of proactive investigation and some initiation to create a solution. This client did right by doing what he could and then getting us as licensed plumbers to make the connection. Problem solved .

Our next job was installing new taps for a client. The client had been proactive in going to our plumbing supplier and selecting the taps they wanted and had them ready for us to install. The bathroom cupboard had already been emptied giving us the access needed to install the new taps.

The third job for the day involved replacing more taps in a shower and bath that would no longer turn the spindle so that the water could be turned on. Despite the fact the house was a rental, the people living there were very thorough in explaining the issues to ensure the house was maintained.

All these jobs went smoothly because the owners were organized and took their time to investigate solutions themselves. They didn’t attempt to fix the problems themselves but they wanted to help in some way.

Doing the groundwork saves money because it saves a plumber doing it all for you and while there are some jobs that plumbers are best to investigate and provide a solution, if the client can do this, the job is nearly half done.

I’m hoping this week will see more jobs like these.