Change Your Tap Buttons For an Easy Bathroom Update

changing tap buttons in basins

The tap buttons are the first item people notice when they wash their hands.

Over time they can fade or turn yellow. Replacing them is quite simple.

Hot and cold buttons on shower taps
Before and After changing tap buttons on shower taps

Our main bathroom is used by guests and I like to keep it as clean as possible.

This can be a difficult feat when I have girls that like to squeeze more toothpaste in the basin than on their toothbrushes. At least toothpaste is fairly easy to scrub off.

One thing that had been grating me a little in the main bathroom was the dis-colouration of the tap buttons on the bath and basin taps.

If there is one thing that can date the taps in your bathroom, it’s the discoloured white tap buttons that differentiate which tap is hot or cold.

old tap buttons on basin

old tap buttons on bath taps

I changed the tap buttons and it’s lifted the bath and basin 100%. If you have similar taps to me, you can easily change the tap buttons yourself by purchasing the buttons from your local Reece plumbing store.

new tap buttons on basin

new tap buttons on bath

You will need to use a shifter to undo the tap button (turn shifter LEFT when loosening the tap button). When doing this use your other hand to hold the tap handle as the motion can turn the tap on. The buttons can be hard to loosen if they haven’t ever been removed.

5mm depth hot and cold buttons for chrome taps

The tap buttons simply unscrew from the top of the handle and the new ones can be re-screwed in. Easy.

Choose the right tap buttons

Check which size you need as the buttons can come in two depths – 5mm or 10mm. I needed 5mm for all of mine.

5mm and 10mm tap buttons

If you don’t know which size you need, measure your existing tap buttons to find out.

My leftover yellow buttons would normally be upcycled into cufflinks, which I used to do many years ago as part of the blog.

Anyway, I digress, if your buttons are looking a little worse for wear, go and replace them.

It’s an easy job you can do, and will make a big difference to your bathroom. Make sure you put the hot button on the left and cold button on the right when facing the taps. I have been to homes where the buttons have been inserted on the wrong tap.

new hot and cold buttons on chrome taps

Before you get new buttons, take the old buttons out first and take them with you when you purchase the news ones to ensure the new ones will fit. There are some buttons that are red and blue and may need the same buttons to be replaced.

It’s the most smallest detail that can make a big impact.

Have you done anything around your house this week that has made a big improvement on the interior of your home?