Everything that could go wrong did


Can I just say that I am glad this working week is over.  Everything that could go wrong, did. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has weeks like this. But I have found that since I’ve become a mum I’m less tolerant of these incidents because time away from my children at work is limited and a few mishaps can put pressure on an already full day and keep me away from them longer.

The first issue I had was being sent the wrong urinal cartridge for a blocked waterless urinal. It was like dejavu because it had happened to me from the same company before. The new cartridges would now take a week to come in from New Zealand. Thankfully the client was lovely about it despite the fact the men have to put up with a smelly urinal in their bathroom.

The rest of my work issues happened on Thursday when dad and I had to fit off a new bathroom. It took us 4 hours to install a new toilet suite. It constantly leaked. This toilet suite is the same brand that I talked about here when we had issues before. I ended up going to the supplier and asking for another toilet fitting which we thought had fixed the issue. But I got a call from the builder today to say that it was leaking AGAIN. This time in a different place, so I’m hoping it might be the new stop tap that is faulty and just needs to be replaced. That toilet can bite me.

Poor dad watching to see if the toilet would leak again when flushed.
Poor dad watching to see if the toilet would leak again when flushed.

So because we spent so much time on the toilet, it pushed the rest of the day’s jobs out. This is why plumbers can be late to jobs or are very blaze about the time they will arrive because easy jobs can turn out to be real…buggers.

We went to the other side of Brisbane for our next job at Bellbowrie and we were just finishing up, looking forward to going home because it was around 3:30pm (I had been up since 5am) and I got a call to say a tradie had drilled a hole through one of our water pipes at a bathroom reno we had just finished and it needed to be fixed that afternoon so that the water could be put back on for the home owners. We left Bellbowrie and drove to the other side of Brisbane at Tingalpa. It took 45 minutes. It was an easy fix which was great but I wasn’t looking forward to the peak hour traffic going home.

A hole drilled through our water pipe
A hole drilled through our water pipe

I ended up arriving at my mum’s place at 5pm. Magdalene had had one of those days too where she wouldn’t have a nap and wanted to be held all day and so my Mum didn’t have the best of days either.

In the middle of dealing with all this, I got a phone call from Freedom to say the chairs we had ordered and paid for at the end of June were now not going to be ready until the end of November.

There were various other issues that dad and I had to deal with too that would make this blog post way too long to read but it’s fair to say it was a trying week.

On a positive note or two, I put Magdalene in her own room this week to sleep in her cot as she had been sleeping in our room in a portacot and she has slept through the night since which is such a blessing considering the work issues I had to deal with. I couldn’t imagine dealing with these issues while being sleep deprived.

On an even better note I can now announce that I am one of the Bumps and Baby mummy bloggers chosen to blog on the Bonds & Me site. I had been wanting to write blog posts for another company and a friend told me about the competition on the day that it closed so I put in a last minute entry and got the email a couple of weeks ago to announce that I was one of four winners. I was stoked.

So while I’ve had to deal with some crappy work issues, I’ve had some wins too which have helped me stay in a positive mind frame.

Next week is going to be huge because I will be at the Problogger Conference on the Gold Coast. I have a few loose end jobs to attend to though before I can mentally prepare for the Conference. I also can’t wait until the election is over. I’ve had three recorded calls tonight from both sides of the campaign and I’m over it.

How has your week been?

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