A Good Plumbing Story

a good plumbing story

When you choose a good plumbing product from a good plumbing retailer and hire a good plumber to install said product, you’re going to get a good outcome, even if the product fails during warranty.

Last week, my dad called me to look up an old invoice from a maintenance client to see what date he had installed some new taps. The taps had become faulty and the client wanted to get them fixed or replaced under warranty.

A quick search of the client’s name and I could see that we sent the invoice in April 2013. I know most taps usually have a warranty of up to 2 years. The first 12 months includes full replacement and installation costs. After 12 months, the brand will usually supply new tapware and it’s the client’s cost to get the taps replaced.

I told dad that the taps were out of warranty as it had been over 3 years since they were installed.

The client took our invoice information and headed to Reece Plumbing where the taps were originally purchased. Reece were able to do a search for purchase on their system and these particular taps from Dorf had an amazingly 15 year warranty! (After talking to a Caroma Manager at the PIPE Expo, he believes the warranty is for 14 years)

The client was given new tap spindles and handles, but it was his cost to hire a plumber to install them.

The moral of the story is to always choose a reputable brand of tapware (and fixtures) and keep the warranties if you can in a folder. (Note: Anytime I purchase a new appliance or tapware for our home, the warranty paperwork and receipt goes into a file labeled “Warranties”.)

Purchasing from a reputable retailer like Reece means the paperwork is usually easy to find and the staff will be able to organise a replacement under warranty or order in new taps if necessary.

A good plumber will take the time to find a client’s invoice or job details and get back to the client with the information needed. That’s why good paperwork is necessary when running a plumbing business.

Have you got a good warranty or customer service story?

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