Hose Tap Safety Tips You Need to Know

hose tap safety for all

These hose tap safety tips will ensure your children are safe next time they use the garden hose.

There have been many warnings online from parents and paramedics around hose safety for kids.

cooling kids down with the hose

In the heat of summer, spraying the hose can be the easiest way to cool down, but for some kids it has been the complete opposite experience.

A hose left in the hot sun can boil the water, causing hot water to spray on your child.

If a water line hasn’t been lagged, it can also be subject to heat from the ground.

While many commenters like to point out its common sense not to spray children with a hose without testing the water, accidents can happen.

The temperature of the water is one thing to be mindful of when using the hose to cool down. Ensuring the water is not contaminated is another.

Every domestic hose tap in Australia should be fitted with a vacuum breaker.

What is a Hose Tap Vacuum Breaker?

A hose tap vacuum breaker is attached to the end of the spout of a hose tap. It prevents the backflow of contaminated water into the safe drinking water line.

hose tap vacuum breaker

A hose is commonly attached to a hose tap.

If the hose has been left on the ground with the nozzle facing down, it can siphon contaminants like fertilizers and pesticides from the lawn and garden back into the town drinking water supply.

The vacuum breaker prevents this from happening by protecting the potable water supply.

Hose tap safety tips you need to know

To ensure hose tap safety for kids and the household, here are some points to comply by

  1. Have a vacuum breaker on every hose tap around your home and garden.
  2. Keep hoses wound up, protected and out of the sun and out of potential puddles or wet patches in the garden.
  3. Use quality garden hoses and nozzles for use around the home.
  4. Test the water before filling a paddling pool or attaching a sprinkler for the kids to play in.
  5. Get your local plumber to check your hose taps at the next call out to ensure they comply.

POPE hose reel

Have got any hose tap safety tips to add?

The information is intended to be of a general nature only. I do not accept any legal responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of reliance upon it – please make your own decisions and enquiries. Always follow local laws and get advice from your local licensed plumber for hose tap safety around the home.