How to add colour to a grey bathroom


Thank goodness The Block came back on TV. It’s great viewing when you’re feeding a baby!

When the bathroom reveals were shown two weeks ago, there was mixed reviews on Twitter. All of the bathrooms were grey and white. There was no colour to be seen and some fans of the show tweeted their disappointment that the bathrooms were ‘fifty shades of grey’.

I defended the bathroom colour choices because whenever I have done maintenance in a bathroom that incorporated a trending colour of the time, it looks dated. A neutral colour scheme can help a bathroom remain modern as well as make it look bigger than what it is.

I have a grey and white bathroom. I love it. I find it easy to clean and it still looks on trend despite the fact the bathrooms were designed and installed nearly ten years ago.

The key to adding colour and interest into a grey bathroom can be as simple as including coloured taps, accessories and towels. Accessories and towels are the easiest to incorporate as they can be changed depending your mood and current trends. Plus there is no need to hire a licensed plumber to install new tapware.

Colour accessories 2

For the purpose of this post I bought these fabulous teal and pink hand towels from Ikea which is from their Spring/Summer 2015 range. The mini coloured glass vessels are from Ikea and were a bargain at $1.99 each.

Coloured accessories 4

When it comes to accessories, coloured vases can add interest . A bunch of bright flowers in a glass vase can make a nice welcome when you greet the bathroom first thing in the morning.

Coloured Accessories 3

If you have young children like me, keep the glass accessories in the ensuite rather than the main bathroom or keep them away from both, if your kids use both bathrooms. Opt for plastic vases and vessels instead.

I have put a board together of coloured accessories and towels that can work well with a grey tiled bathroom.

Accessories Group

1. Ingeborg Towel Range from Ikea starting from $1.49

2. Losjon Toothbrush Holder from Ikea $2.99

3. Svartsjon Soap Dispenser from Ikea $5.99

4. Svartsjon Soap Dish from Ikea $3.99

5. Losjon Soap Dish from Ikea $2.99

6. Crosses Hand Towel from Aura by Tracie Ellis $19.95

7. Medium Resin Seaweed Dish by Dinosaur Designs $75.00

8. Ziporah Hand Towel from The Block Shop $35.00

9. Svartsjon Tumbler from Ikea $3.99

For me, colour lifts my mood, but a clean bathroom is really what floats my boat. I rarely have time to appreciate a colourful bathroom when looking after little children, but it’s still an interior of the home that gets viewed and used the most.

What colour is your bathroom and how do you add colour if it’s grey like mine?

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