How to Clean a Blocked Shower Head from Limescale

clean a blocked shower head from limescale

To enjoy a better shower experience, having a shower head clear of calcium deposits or limescale is important. I’m going to show you how to clean a blocked shower head from limescale, without removing the shower rose.

clean a blocked shower head

In the last week I noticed I had a few stray streams of water hitting the back wall and window of my shower. You can check out my Instagram post below with a video of before and after.

Upon inspection of the shower head, I could see white deposits that needed to be cleaned.

blocked shower head with limescale

I could have taken off the shower rose and used CLR.

But not everyone has a bottle of CLR in their house, and often, not everyone has plumbers nylon tape either.

So this hack is one you can do yourself if you’re experiencing the same problem, with a few items you should already have in your house.


  • Zip lock bag
  • Rubber Band
  • Vinegar

How to Clean a Blocked Shower Head from Limescale

First, dry the shower head. I have a wet wall behind because I took the video of water spraying the wall.

Fill your zip lock bag with vinegar.

Bring your shower head down and place the bag of vinegar over the head of the shower.

vinegar hack for shower head

Use a rubber band to fasten it to the shower rose arm and let it sit for a few hours. (I left mine like this for 4 hours)

Remove the bag and give the shower head a good wipe with a dry cloth.

The mineral deposits were removed. No need for scrubbing or using a toothpick.

cleaned shower head with vinegar hackIf your shower head is really blocked with deposits, allow it to sit in the vinegar overnight and use a toothbrush afterwards to give it good scrub.  You could also soak it in CLR and see how that works.

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